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radia #421: taiwan old-new times + radia #227: in babel

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klänge aus städten. die sich, während die zeit vergeht, wandeln und verwandeln.

im ersten teil der sendung lädt uns johnny chang dazu ein, mit ihm durch die stadtlandschaften seiner kindheit in taiwan zu streifen.

im zweiten teil folgen wir noch einmal bernd born und wilhelm bartsch nach halle und nach chicago, deren klänge zu denen einer stadt namends babel verschmelzen.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


sounds from cities. mutually transforming and being transformed over the time.

in the first part of the show johnny chang invites us to follow him to taiwan:

"In the gentlest and least signposted of ‘city symphonies’, albeit one which transfigures the field recording toward the overheard musicality of the everyday, Berlin based composer Johnny Chang takes us on an extended soundwalk around the changed urbanscape of his Taiwan childhood. As Johnny says of the piece:

'Field recordings captured in Taiwan, from immediate vicinity of childhood home in the city to the countryside.
(in order of appearance):
Street market vendors chatter and canned pop music punctuate.
Traffic sounds originate from the intersection directly at the corner of my family home – pretty much a constant background sound.
Ebb and flow of Kaohsiung city.
Repetition of life – signified by various type of drones surrounding us.'" [CG]

Berlin-based composer-performer Johnny Chang engages in extended explorations surrounding the relationships of sound/silence and the in-between areas of improvisation, composition, performance and listening. Johnny is part of the Wandelweiser composers collective: Find out more about Johnny Chang and Wandelweiser at www.timescraper.de.

in the second part of the show, we'll listen another time to the transformation of two very different cities – halle and chicago – into one…

"The intention […] was to switch into the subject of CITY – refering to the small east German City Halle and the metropolis Chicago – we decided to choose Babylon as the tertium communis.
'In Babel' can also be used according to the Great Oxford – 'babel' means a: a babel of voices, a noisy medley, mostly in today's lingua franca which is English, b: confusion, a scene of confusion, c: as 'Tower of Babel' a gigantic project, and finally d: the biblical confusion of languages.
So this musical-linguistic Babel-project is also a prophet and medium of ancient voices from the lowest levels of the tower of Babel. […]" [B.B./W.B.]

material: soundscapes in halle and in the streets and in the elevator of sear's tower in chicago. music recorded and played by bernd born (bariton sax), wolfram dix (glasses and percussion), peter koch (cello), christoph winckel (kontrabass) and pinguin moschner (tuba) in an underground water tank in halle. lyrics and voices by wilhelm bartsch.

bernd born is a composer and musician and wilhelm bartsch is a writer. both are working and living in halle (saale), germany.

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
all contributing artists, crustacés tapes and radio CKUT, montréal, for the montréal tape run;
radio worm, rotterdam, for singing their mixtape song poems;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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