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radia #427: crisis? what crisis? + radia #397: istanbul courthoustep

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eine krise? was für eine krise?
wenn "die krise" zum argument wird, ist hellhörigkeit angebracht. wer redet von einer krise – und welche motive stehen dabei im hintergrund? wenn alle auf die krise schauen: was gerät dabei aus dem blick? wie wird die lage beurteilt und welche urteile werden über ursachen gefällt? wenn zustände beklagt werden, gegen die schleunigst "alternativlose" massnahmen zu ergreifen seien: dann soll womoöglich davon abgelenkt werden, dass vor den zuständen die eigentlichen ursachen zu benennen sind.

eine kunstradiostunde mit zwei alternativen perspektiven.
im ersten teil der sendung stellt chusé fernandez von TEA.fm fragen, die zu anderen antworten führen.
im zweiten teil lädt uns noch einmal 2/5 bz aka serhat koksal auf die baustelle des neuen justizpalastes zum courhoustep…

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


crisis? what crisis?
whenever "the crisis" becomes an argument, you should better listen. closely. who is talking (about) "the crisis"?
what are the motives and motivations for this kind of talk? if everybody looks at "the crisis": what is getting out of sight?
who is judging about the crisis? how is this done? if there is a great lament about the state of crisis and so called "alternativeless solutions" – should you believe? or is it rather about distracting attention from thinkting about the real reasons – and that these should be named before "alternativeless solutions" are being installed?

an art radio hour with two alternative perspectives to listen to:

in the first part of the show chusé fernandez von TEA.fm poses questions that lead to different answers:

"Cri • sis – [krahy-sis] – noun, plural cri•ses [-seez], adjective Noun
1. A stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined; turning point.
2. A condition of instability or danger, as in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change.
3. A dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life.
4. Medicine/Medical.
a.The point in the course of a serious disease at which a decisive change occurs, leading either to recovery or to death.
b. The change itself.
5. The point in a play or story at which hostile elements are most tensely opposed to each other.

We are in crisis, yes. But, what crisis? Financial Crisis? Moral Crisis? Crisis of values? Existential? Are we aware of it?
Too many questions that are one. And answers in the air, everyone’s head and into the hands of very few.
This radio documentary attempts to reflect this crisis posing a series of questions to answer which each can give. A work consisting of sounds from Chuse Fernandez, Fulvio d’Orazio, Juanjo Palacios, Miss Jenny Tails and Paco Rossique and Leonor Bruna’s voice in German texts by Bertolt Brecht, Erich Kästner and an anonymous poem with info cuts from BBC news, NBC and La Sexta TV." [C.F.]

in the second part of the show, we'll dance another time with 2/5 bz aka serhat koksal the instanbul courhoustep:

"With support from Europe’s and the world’s biggest palaces of justice, and with a vision of solving the problems of unemployment and using F- and T-type prisons as for-profit companies with cheap labor, 'Advanced Justice' is surging towards becoming a global brand: The world’s largest palace of justice (courthouse) is under construction in Istanbul’s Kartal district." [S.K.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
chusé fernandez and radio TEA fm, zaragoza, for posing the right questions;
2/5 bz and radio reboot, berlin, for making us dance the crisis;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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