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radia #435: clouds N 38 42.53, W 9 8.96 27-12-12 + radia #237: reheat the schnitzel

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gehäckselte pixel und frequenzen: artefakte im doppeltem sinn. was sonst womöglich wenig willkommen ist, weil bilder und klänge bis zur unkenntlichkeit zerstückelt ihre adressen erreichen, kommt als konzept für klangkunst-experimente ganz anders an…

dass und wie das funktionieren kann, zeigen im ersten teil der sendung pedro lagoa und andré avelãs, indem sie uns eine wolke vom himmel holen.

im anschluss kommt noch einmal ein schnitzel auf den tisch, das von der gleichnamigen software von dieb-13 mundgerecht zerlegt und aufbereitet worden ist.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


hacked pixels and frequencies: artifacts, literally. what otherwise would be a mere nuisance, for images and sounds are broken down to bits and pieces instead of being broadcasted properly, arrives as a concept for experimental radio art…

how this works is demonstrated in the first part of the show by pedro lagoa and andré avelãs, catching a cloud from the sky:

"Taking as a starting point the intention of deconstructing the video [a cut through the] archive of destruction, this performance combines real time sound improvisation with a random video projection. Elements of the video [a cut through the] archive of destruction were reduced to small segments which were divided into text and image video clips, to be played randomly from two separate sources projected on top of each other, and thus superimposing text on the video images. This way, the relation text/image is determined by pure chance, destroying not only the line of thought that presided at the narrative structure of the original video – with its calculated collages, sequences and juxtapositions of image-sound-text of different proveniences – but also originating new and unpredictable image-text relations.

The sound of the original video segments was also split into small segments and loops, being subsequently reworked and transformed live during the performance. As images succeed each other in the projection, the performers try to respond to the random image-text combinations, through improvisation.

[a cut through the] archive of destruction is a video, of variable duration, that is part of the Educational Service of the archive of destruction, and consists of collage and editing of diverse materials which can be found in its collection. Through subjective associative lines, it performs a cut, in the geological sense, through some of the main ideas contained in the archive. The video has been presented as part of installations of the archive of destruction and in a similar way to the archive, it develops in a process of continuous change and re-editing, never having the same cut of the video been presented twice.

The archive of destruction is an evolving structure, with no fixed address, dedicated to the collection of documents on actions and ideas that represent a negation of its basic function, which is the preservation of memory.
The archive has been developing in a continuous and organic way, in a movement of expansion that stretches to the most diverse areas – within well defined guidelines – where ideas or actions of destruction can be found." [P.L./A.A.]

afterwards, we'll serve again a very special meal with a schnitzelessen coming from the complex cuisine of the legendary reheat festival:

"This years REHEAT festival's theme was 'electromagnetism' and therefore an ideal place to capture sounds for a radio show. The proceedings of the whole day included video installations, gps guided tours, lectures, many concerts and much more. The best way to represent this multitude was to send all recordings through the cut-up software called 'Schnitzel' written by one of the festivals co-organizers Dieb13. It was a great festival, next year you should go there in person. Until then there is this show." [K.A.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
pedro lagoa, andré avelãs and radio zero, lisbon/portugal, dieb13, mobile radio a.k.a. sarah washington and knut aufermann as well as resonance fm london, for delicious detritus;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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