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radia #449: rosarats barrel + radia #368: voxpop

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"folk" muss nicht immer "folk music" oder gar "volksmusik" meinen, um zu klingen. und umgekehrt, wer weiss schon, ob sich nicht sogar ein stück aus dem repertoire in radiokunst verwandeln kann?

im ersten teil der sendung lädt uns dr klangedum ein, mit ihm die "rosarats barrel polka" zu tanzen, aus deren takten noch rosamunde und die beer barrel polka lachen.

im zweiten teil lauschen wir zwei stücken mit spezieller vokalmusik.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


"folk" does not necessarily mean "folk songs" or "folk music" to sound. morevover, some folk songs or fork music pieces may even turn into radio art…

the latter is exactly what we're going to listen to in the first part of the show:

"In 1929 Jaromir Vejvoda wrote the 'Modranska Polka', named after Modrany, s suburb of Prague where it was played the first time. Since then the song has been played all over the world by people from all countries and languages. The english might know it under the name of 'Beer Barrel polka', the german version goes by the name of 'Rosamunde'. Although the melody is always the same -and even the versions don't differ so much- the lyrics go in all directions. The czech version was a very depressed one about a wasted love (skoda lasky etc.) while the anglosaxons only want to make fun and drink (see the beer barrels). In the meantime, the germans want to get under the skirts of a girl named Rosamunde while the dutch think the song is actually about soldier's food (rats kuch en bonen).

The reason Dr Klangendum made this piece about a piece is that the song hasn’t left his brain since he was three and heard it for the first time at the wedding of his uncle and aunt. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night, humming the chorus. Sometimes he runs the marathon for kilometers and kilometers in the tempo of the first part of the song (there's a garden, what a garden). Sometimes he wants to jump of a cliff, just to get rid of it. Making the piece was the next best thing to do. He hopes you enjoy it and will be contaminated." [R.W.]

Find out more about Dr. Klangendum at klangendum.nl

in the second part we continue our travel with two pieces from brussels…

"This XL AIR production consists of a remix radio composition that builds on material used in RITS installations that were created for Bozar Night in November 2011. They both embrace the human voice as a musical instrument.
The first installation was created collectively by the students of the masterclass audio (Tomas Vogels, Simon Vandegracht and Renee Vermeire) and is based on a musical composition that uses only the vowels of speech.
The other installation is called 'Vozombrascimento' and was created by Dieter Van Dam. The Portuguese words 'voz' (voice), 'sombra' (shadow) and 'nascimento' ( birth) form the name of this soundtrack consisting out of manipulated voice traces of a newborn human being.
A cry is the anticipated proof of new life. Not a breath. Not a song. Not a word. A cry. This installation was placed in a big echoing space that suggested a sonic shadow of the primordial human cry by using and manipulating recordings of a child’s s singing in his first year of life." [D.v.D.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
dr klangendum and radio worm, rotterdam, for a brand new version of an old folk song;
tomas vogels, simon vandegracht, renee vermeire, dieter van dam and radio xlair, brussels, for introducing us to voices from belgium and portugal;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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