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radia #496: los gritos de mexico + radia #386: radio dreaming

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was bedeutet es, orten zu lauschen? wie verändern sich mit der wahrnehmung ihrer geräusche und klänge die vorstellungen und die träume, die wir von diesen orten haben?

im ersten teil der sendung legt felix blume sein ohr an mexico city, um den lärm der stadt in klang zu verwandeln.

im anschluss lauschen wir den radioträumen, die anna keleher and claire coté zwischen irland, england und new mexiko austauschen.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


listening closer to places: sensing them, dreaming them, transforming sensations, imaginations, performances of places in time and space.

in the first part of the show felix blume transforms mexico city from a noisy city into a sonorous city – which it has probably always been:

"Mexico City: more than 20 millions people gathered making noise! A noisy city for most; Blume would like to transform it in a sonorous city. The street sellers make the voices of the polyphonic choir, the small bell from the ice cream seller substitutes the triangle from the orchestra, and the hammering of the protesters on the metallic wall are the percussions.
In Mexico City, people shout to be heard, they shout their rage against the cops, they shout at the ‘lucha libre’ fights, they shout together ¡ Viva Mexico ! to feel united, and during a demonstration they also shout ¡Viva Mexico! People shout in church, they pray together or alone, whispering in the silent night.

The thunder booms: nobody can shout at the storm, and the rain cleans the silent city. A solo voice after the rain, and the choir resumes gradually. People sing to forget and the shouting starts again, louder, so that the others don´t forget. The water flows under the city, the forgotten lake is mourning; it remembers when the city was an Island… On the top, it is too noisy, underneath, the water keeps in silence the secrets of the past.

Most of the people in the world live in cities. The daily soundscape is in most of the case a continuous sound of traffic, close or distant. Mexico City has a series of sounds added to the background which make the specificity of the city: the cries and sounds of the street sellers are in most part responsible. In the past, most cities had their own cries (as some classical music can testify, like 'Les cris de Paris' from Janequin). In Mexico City, this tradition has persisted until today, but the government and general opinion is not in favour of them: street sellers are each time further away from the touristic center, advertising campaigns are done to make them disappear from the subway, and police operations block their access to the streets. I would like to pay tribute to these Criers through a soundscape of Mexico City, that will become a sonorous memory of a time that sooner than later will disappear." [F.B.]

find out more about Felix Blume at www.felixblume.com

afterwards, we'll listen to radio dreams between ireland, england and new mexico/u.s., collected by anna keleher and claire coté:

"One year ago contemporary artists Anna Keleher (Devon, England) and Claire Coté (New Mexico, USA) were busy DREAMING PLACE at Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark in Éire and Northern Ireland. Now, an international audience can share their sonic adventures via a series of radio broadcasts woven from their experience. Based on an ancient Celtic tradition that the land remembers everything, Radio Dreaming explores how the land speaks through dreamers.

DREAMING PLACE is about deepening and illuminating our relationship with Place and we are excited to be sharing our project with audiences around the globe. Radio is an exciting medium that enables artists to reach people in their own homes or cars, in cities, small towns or very rural settings, says Claire Coté.

In this first Radio Dreaming episode, listeners are invited to join Anna and Claire wild camping, eating, drawing, walking and kayaking their way through the Geopark to meet its people, places, creatures and things. Episode 1 features stories, conversations and soundscapes of dreams, food, and edible geopark landscapes.

Our broadcast gives protagonism to the diverse voices of these Geopark homelands. We really hope that Radio Dreaming will inspire others to listen and share stories in their own homeplaces, says Anna Keleher. Anna began her successful international collaborative partnership with Claire in 2007 at Dartington College of Art on the innovative MA Arts and Ecology. Together they continue to make audio journeys, radio broadcasts, drawings, sculptural installations and performative events, transcending the miles through internet technologies. The only thing they can’t share is a pot of tea." [A.K./C.C./L.G.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
felix blume and radio corax, halle, for listening (in)to mexico city;
anna keleher, claire coté and soundart radio, dartington, for radio dreaming between ireland, england and new mexico;
and, as always radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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