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radia #503: bxl tableau sonore + radia #469: concrète

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verschiedene möglichkeiten, klangmaterial zu gewinnen und mit klangmaterial zu arbeiten, führen zu entsprechend unterschiedlichen resultaten. gemeinsam ist den künstlerInnen die lust an der forschung vor ort – und daran, sie im studio fortzusetzen.

im ersten teil der sendung arbeiten drei master-studentInnen des RITS – lucas derycke, cara cobaert und maarten coosemans – unter der leitung von guy de bièvre mit field recordings, die sie in brüssel gesammelt haben.

im anschluss stellt uns der australische klangkünstler und mikrobiologe jacques soddell noch einmal sein "kino für die ohren" vor.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten.


different possibilities to gather sonic material and to work with it. leading to different results. what the artists share, however, is the interest in research – not only at place and in the field, but also in the studio.

the first part we'll listen to what can happen to field recordings gathered in the city of brussels:

"Three master students of RITS radio department – Lucas Derycke Cara Cobaert and Maarten Coosemans – capture a space in the city through audio recordings. Afterwards they edit these field recordings without artificial effects in order to try and grasp the specific sonosphere of that location. The students were assisted by Guy de Bièvre." [D.v.D.]

find out more about the RITS radio department at www.rits.be/rits/opleiding/radio
and about guy van bièvre at www.guydebievre.org

afterwards, jacques soddell is presenting his findings:

"A suite illustrating my abstract narrative 'cinema for the ears' style of musique concrète using processed field recordings to create new sounds & textures, with an improvised interlude separating my compositions.
1. Les grenouilles – based on a piece I composed for a live gig in the Conservatory in Bendigo’s Rosalind Park in 2013, using manipulations/processing of frog sounds, some voice manipulations and the unprocessed sound of rustling leaves. You won’t hear the original unprocessed frogs. (10:27).
2. Improv with Viv Corringham, New York based British vocalist/sound artist. An excerpt from our performance at the undue noise gig at the Old Fire Station, Bendigo, in February 2014, using Ableton Push to control my electroacoustic samples (8:27).
3. Paralysed – composed in 2013 was inspired by the artistic paralysis I felt while waiting for a collaborator to deliver material I needed for our joint project. Performed in Melbourne in January 2014, it contains 'randomly' selected processed & unprocessed samples from many sources (8:07)." [J.S.]

Jacques Soddell is an Australian sound artist, based in regional city Bendigo. He produces computer-based electroacoustic music, with a particular interest in deconstructing natural sounds (field recordings) to create new sounds & textures, which he then assembles into abstract narrative soundscapes (usually composed, but sometimes improvised). He produces sound & video for theatre, dance, live performance and installation and is also passionate about promoting experimental art, hence his past involvement with the film society movement (bendigo film group (1976-1988), promotion of experimental music in the local community through the undue noise concert series (2002 – present), presenting possible musics, an experimental music radio program on local community radio (1983-2013)), and involvement in live arts group Punctum, With his wife, Fran, he investigated music based on Lindenmayer Systems modelling of fungal growth and he also runs a sound art label cajid media (with the help of his daughter, sound artist Thembi Soddell). He was a microbiologist in a former life, specialising in the microbiology of wastewater treatment, but left this field about 10 years ago to concentrate on sound art.

find out more about jacques soddell and his work at cajid.com/jacques-soddell.html

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
lucas derycke, cara cobaert, maarten coosemans, guy de bièvre and radio xlair, brussels, as well as jacques soddell and radio one 91 fm, dunedin/new zealand, marseille/france, for their fruitful sound research;
and, as always radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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