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rxl_k.gifin the north
radia #515: savusauna + radia #310: idea of north

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zwei reisen in den norden. seine stimmen. und seine klänge.

im ersten teil der sendung gehen wir mit lasse-marc riek in eine traditionelle finnische rauchsauna.

im anschluss entwirft cathy inouye ausgehend von glen goulds radio-stück "the idea of north" ihre eigene idee des nordens – nämlich eine, welche (anders als seinerzeit gould) auch die stimmen der inuit hört und zudem einen ganz anderen, zeitgenössischen klangkosmos bereist.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten.


two trips to the north. its voices. and its sounds.

in the first part of the show lasse-marc riek invites us to enjoy a traditional Finnish smoke sauna:

"As a substantial part of Finnish life and culture, sauna has a considerably long tradition in Finland. Savusauna, the smoke sauna, is the eldest technique of preparing a sauna bath. In contrast to more recent sauna baths, no chimney is needed. A big fire is prepared and kept over hours under constant temperature – not to low, but also not too hot, to produce smoke. The smoke is filling and thus heating the sauna room. When the room is hot enough, small windows are opened to let the smoke escape and the sauna bath can begin.
Have you ever enjoyed a savusauna? You should. Lasse-Marc Rieks piece invites you to join a savusauna bath by listening. It’s really worth a try.

While Lasse-Marc Riek, being a specialist for field recordings, would for sure have been able to provide extra material to capture the atmosphere around the savusauna as well, we did not ask for that. His piece is complete in its on rights, celebrating the Finnish sauna culture of the everyday. At the same time, when it comes to sauna bath: how can we translate this experience into sound? Obviously, for several reasons this seems to be an almost impossible task. Or, to be more precise: what we might consider as the most natural translation would be always the most artificial part. For we’d loose track of what we are missing, what can’t be captured with the means of recording, due to the fact that the core experience is fuelled by substances that can’t be kept: smoke, heat, steam, sweat.

So we chose for our acoustic framework a good mixture of field recordings – some of which are so concrete that they might remind you of Foley sounds, the kind of sounds that are created for exactly this very kind of purpose: a substitute that may feel more real than the real one would. But is this really true? You’ll be able to find out anyway. But then we also have to be complete with our credits (see below), thus it is not really necessary to try. Yet, why not stop reading here. Listen by yourself first. And check the data later. It’s really worth a try…" [V.K.]

find out more about lasse-marc riek at www.lasse-marc-riek.de – and about the piece right here on our site.

afterwards cathy inouye is rethinking glen goulds 1967's radio piece "the idea of north" to draw her own sound map of an imaginary aand at the same time very real landscape. with the voicees of inuit who were desperately missing in gold's project. and with contemporary sounds.

find out more about cathy inouye and her work at: easysonicliving.wordpress.com and at www.inukjuaksoundmap.com

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
lasse-riek, who created this piece for radiator x/radio x, for SAVUSAUNA;
cathy inouye and radio CKUT montréal for sharing ideas of the north.
and as always: radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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