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radia #517: the haystack + radia #426: ultrasonic city

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von daten träumen. datenträume. alles, was ist, laesst sich als datum und in daten erfassen. oder etwa nicht?
aber wie wäre es, wenn wir diese daten(t)räume als klanglandschaften wahrnehmen, erfassen und gestalten?

im ersten teil der sendung geht michael dean dieser frage nach und belauscht anrufe, mitgeschnittene gespräche, netzwerkverbindungen und die kommunikationstechnologien selbst.

im anschluss begeben wir uns mit wendy van wynsberghe auf die spur von ultrasonischen klängen in brüssel.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten.


dreaming of data. data dreams. everything can be recorded as datum and by its data. or not?
but what if we perceive and record these data as sonic landscapes?

this is, literally, what michael dean is doing in the first part of the show:

"'The Haystack' addresses modern practices for data gathering and surveillance, approached through the development of evolving sonic landscapes. Four chapters are compiled, each drawing from different methods of data monitoring, including tapped telephone calls, recorded conversation, the sonification of network traffic, and the internal sounds of communication technology itself. Haystack is the sound of dystopia, as told from the eyes of a machine." [N.F.]

For more info about and more works by micheal dean please go to https://soundcloud.com/m-dean-1

we'll be able to experience the ultrasonic city thanks to wendy van wynsberghe's research in brussels:

"What do you hear in the city? What sounds are only perceptible in the ultrasonic realm, where bats and crickets communicate? Sounds which are so high, our human ears cannot perceive them. This acoustic world becomes audible in Ultrasonic City and they get their place in the sounds of the city and the world.

The urban sound world is quite dense. By extracting the ultrasound I wanted to reveal a sonic universe or even add another layer to the field recordings. When you hear only the ultrasonic layer of the city, you hear a place devoid of human voices. They simply do not reach that high. Some very quiet sounds get enhanced, such as rubbing your fingers together, frottements in French. In a parc at sunset you hear the foraging bats, whilst at the same time, our human ears only register ducks, planes and other humans. A swimming pool gets reduced to splashes, you do not hear the children shriek nor play. Plastic, metal, water all produce ultrasounds.

With the help of ACSR, I was able to record the same place in the city ultrasonically and with high quality “normal”
microphones. This revealing/unravelling/hiding of layers of sound I want to present in this documentary." [W.v.W]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
michael dean and radio CKUT, montreal, as well as wendy van wynsberghe and radio panik, brussels, for their data dreams;
and as always: radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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