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radia #261: a minute in the life of a CFRC volunteer
+ radia #196: a bouquet of radio student's works

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auf ins radiostudio.

zunächst in kingston, wo sich eine reihe von radiomacherInnen zusammengefunden haben, um jeweils eine minute ihrer arbeit zu einer gmeinsamen sendung zusammenzutragen.
für den zweiten teil der sendung haben studierende der brüsseler radioakademie RITS ein buntes bouquet von klängen zusammengestellt.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


radio artists at work. let's join them in the studio.

for example in kingston, ontario, where volunteers were called to contribute one minute of their studio life:

"Currently, at CFRC, there is an undeniable surge in creative energy that has been rare in the 90 year history of our station. For the past two years a critical mass of programmers have gotten together to accept all reasonable, and unreasonable, challenges for producing adventurous, risky, mind-bending radio and performing live radio dramas in front of skeptical audiences. To commemorate this moment in time, a call was sent out to represent a minute in the life of a CFRC volunteer. The purposefully vague request was meant to show the diversity of creative ideas present at our station in our small town. For our first Radia submission, many of the same people worked together, for long nights (often), in the same room, producing a radio drama, and for our second submission, they work together again….but this time as independent radio producers. […]" [C.T.]

or in brussels, where students of the RITS academy joined to present us a bouquet of their recent work:

"RITS is an audiovisual college, situated in the heart of Brussels. Many people know RITS from it's film- or drama departments. But few people know that RITS also has a radio department. In this show, we will be listening to some pieces, created by students that graduated from RITS as radio creators. Tom Van Gysegem, Hanne De Nil and Jeroen Uyttendaele all made some more artistic oriented radio pieces during their time as a student at RITS." [L.v.L.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
the volunteers of radio CRFC 101.9fm, kingston/canada, the students of RITS academy and radio XLair, brussels/belgium for inviting us to their radio studios;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.



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