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rxl_k.gifsounding cities
radia #269: klinkende stad + radia #178: untitled (lisbon)

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zwei reisen durch klingende städte.

zunächst durch kortrijk, wo das team von radio xlair anlässlich des 'happy new festival 2010' zu einem klangspaziergang einlädt.
im anschluss folgen wir rui chaves bei seiner klangreise durch lissabon.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


two voyages to and through sounding cities.

in the first part of our show we're invited by the radio xlair team to join a sound walk through kortrijk in occasion of the 'happy new festival 2010':

"[…] The HNF festival is the successor of the renowned Happy New Ears festival that started in 1996 and came to an end last year. It has grown into one of the most prestigious sound art festivals around. […] Klinkende Stad is best described as a sound walk and consists out of 12 different sound related works by Flemish artists, listed below. Since the works are very dependent on specific locations and are very difficult to record or grasp for radiophonic purposes, we tried to make a mix of information, description and sound suggestion." [D.v.D.]

Find out more about HNF and Klinkende Stad at www.happynewfestival.be/Klinkende_Stad.html

afterwards, rui chaves invites us to a sonic voyage trough lisbon:

"I live in Lisbon. Between January and February, and within the Sonic Arts Laboratory cem HZ ( c.e.m-centro e movimento) in which i participated as a tutor, i was in different areas in this town, recording its different soundscapes. The work that is going to be transmitted consists in the editing and construction of a Sonic voyage, trough this different places." [R.C.]

Find out more about Rui Chaves and his work at www.myspace.com/ruichaves and at www.c-e-m.org

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
the tesm from radio xlair, brussels, for impressions of (a) sounding city;
rui chaves and radio zero, lisbon, for a sonic voyage through lisbon;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.



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