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radia #270: fremde dezibel/stille post
+ radia #66: transliteratur

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sprechen. lauschen. sprechen. in anderen sprachen. in vielen sprachen.

Und es gibt viele wege, dies zu tun. wie beispielsweise gespräche mit migrantinnen zu führen. über sprache(n). ihre eigene(n) sprache(n) und über die sprache(n), mit denen sie nun leben.
oder beispielsweise, wieder einmal stille post zu spielen. in einer anderen sprache. und mit menschen, die andere sprachen sprechen.
oder reisend. zwischen anderen ländern. andere sprachen schreibend und sprechend.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


talking. listening. talking.
in other languages.
in many of them.

and there are many ways to do do. like doing interviews with migrants. about language. their own language(s) – their mother tongue – and the language they're now living with:

"The radioplay 'Fremde Dezibel' is based on interviews with migrant women in Linz, the capital of the province Upper Austria, and it's surroundings. It deals with the interrelations between language, violence, social exclusion and sexism. The interviews focus on the women's experiences with the German language and on ways of approaching the language of a majority as member of a minority.
Originally, the soundcollage was produced as an audio installation at a project of maiz (festival der regionen 2000). For the project 'RebellInnen!' of trafo.K the audiomaterial was remixed and rearranged by Ernst Reitermaier (iftaf), Rubia Salgado (maiz) and Marty Huber (dramatic adviser of the project 'RebellInnen') in 2009. " [e.r.]

like playing stille post another time. with people speaking other languages:

"According to the principle of 'Chinese Whispers', we initiated a game with language. A text makes three journeys through different languages and is finally translated back into German. What happened to the words throughout the journey, how is a text transformed? Each player added their own imprint to the words and consequently changed their original meaning. There is no 'wrong' translation. The course of the text permits a closer look at the possibility of multiple interpretation- and gives us a chance to consciously examinate what it feels like to not-comprehend. The focus is directed towards the heterogenity of a regional population. 'Stille Post' is an art project for the public domain; it makes its appearance both visually and acoustically. It is presented in the form of an image/sound object, which is on exhibition throughout different cities of the Mostviertel with a duration of 2-4 weeks each. It's all about listening, about the silent tones and everything that happens in between the lines." [a.g./c.s.]

or like traveling between other countries. speaking and writing in other languages.
talking. listening. talking:

"transitliteratur is a project where small pieces of literature are placed on transit-trucks. the idea is to use trucks as mobile-media-platform. this radia programme is the auditive attempt of this idea. […] during the recording our recording-team followed transit trucks on the way from vienna to bratislava. we were in contact with around 15 people via our cell-phone. by the time the car passed a truck, one of them supplied us with a small reading. the texts had been read in 8 languages (russian, serbian, italian, spanish, english, german, czech, hungarian). the whole project is in realtime and has not been edited.
enjoy the sound of the truck-route between the closest capitals in europe! not the vatikan and rome, but vienna and bratislava." [e.r./b.k./l.r.-d.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
trafo.K, ernst reitermaier, rubia salgado, marty huber, alfred grubbauer, christine schörkhuber, barbara kaiser, lale rodgarkia-dara and radio orange, vienna, for talking, listening, talking in/to other languages.
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.



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