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radia #271: endangered radio band + radia #273: reheat the schnitzel

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störungen. überlagerungen. unterbrechungen.
was, wenn wir sie willkommen heissen?

im ersten teil der sendung tritt mobile radio eine reise durch die wunderbare welt der interferenzen an.
indes im zweiten teil dann zerhackte transmissionen rhythmisch rekombiniert auf ihre weise eine ode auf die störung intonieren…

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


disturbances. overlays. interruptions.
and they are welcome!

in the first part of our show mobile radio is traveling through the wonderful world of interferences.

"An intrinsic feature of radio broadcast is on the verge of extinction: interference. Artists have always loved interference. Early memories convey intoxicated sweeps of an old valve radio dial, simultaneous capture of two shortwave stations, the swashing sounds of the in-between as a prerequisite for sleep. The new interference is reduced to metallic distress at the breaking point of digital transmission; the new silence of buffering and disconnect presents a wholly characterless absence. What happens now? Will people forget what a rotary dial is? Will the radio band become an endangered species?
Whilst digital audio technology tries to emulate the analogue sound wave as closely as possible, digital transmission renders the radio spectrum inaccessible. The bits in-between are reallocated or discarded. The noise that changes when you touch the aerial is out of reach. Maybe the caller on the Harmon E. Phraisyar show Album One is correct when she says: 'You and your stupid radio programmes, I'm fed up. Tell me this you stupid radio worms: radio interference, often it is that I am getting the interference. Why is it that the interference is always more interesting than the programme itself?' Endangered Radio Band is a performance by Mobile Radio, voyaging the vocal and electromagnetic spectra in search of an answer to this question." [S.W./K.A.]

in the second part a reheated schnitzel ouf transmission is served. delicious!

"Every year now a strange kind of gathering takes place close to the very eastern border of Austria at a barn called the Kleylehof. Viennese artists of many backgrounds have taken over this barn and converted it into a multifunctional performance and studio space, complete with a homemade emergency slide and a swing garden hut. In August they celebrate the Reheat festival, that brings together local and international artists, performers and scientists who ride towards the hungarian border on home-made rocket propelled bicyles. In 2009, the festival theme was 'electromagnetism' and therefore an ideal place to capture sounds for a radio show. The proceedings of the whole day included video installations, gps guided tours, lectures, many concerts and much more. The best way to represent this multitude was to send all recordings through the cut-up software called 'Schnitzel' written by one of the festivals co-organizers Dieb13.
It was a great festival, next year you should go there in person. Until then there is this show…" [S.W./K.A.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
mobile radio aka sarah washington and knut aufermann, etienne noiseau and dieb13 for indulging interferences;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.



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