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radia #276: i am a strange loop + radia #136: this program can

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fremdes und seltsames.
allenthalben. beispielsweise, wenn sich gesendete klänge im kreis zu drehen beginnen und sich der frequenzraum mit konzentrischen wellen und labyrinthisch verschlungenen schleifen füllt.
oder aber, wenn unverhofft laikas geheime revolutionäre botschaften aus dem weltraum übertragen werden.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


strange how? well. think of – no: listen to sounds starting to circulate between stations. radio space being filled with concentric waves and labyrinthic loops.

"[The] documentation of a live event which doesn't merely reiterate it, Full Fucking Moon's 'I Am a Strange Loop', with its kaleidoscopic shifts, fragments and interwoven threads of live streams, opens the listener's ear to the multi-dimensional non-linearity of radio space, its mazes, veils and etheric folds, its membranes and mirrorings. This piece's original life was as a dual-stream simulcast across both FM and AM channels. […]

In a gesture toward a form of 'Rorschach Radio', the AM stream became an inversion of the FM, and the artists also de-stabilised this dualism by opening up a third-space […] as a public listening arena / performance venue. At first empty of the physical presence of the artists and allowing the audience to roam, the space contained a scattering of radio receivers embedded in the nooks and crannies of its colonial architecture, as well as a social space where tea was drunk, conversations were had, newspapers were read, and eyes were closed in meditative listening. With the intimacy of the home-wireless set being something that could only capture the 'total work' in a sequence of twists and fractures, requiring the radio to be physically tuned as an instrument betwixt and between bands, (an action itself revealing the miasmic, shifting cloud of radio space), listeners present both at home and in this more public space (the latter by walking around the rooms where radios were distributed) each found their own stream within the cloud of possibilities, this listenership evoking radio as both intimate and communal, both territorial and boundless. […]" [S.M.]

listen then to transmissions of laika's secret revolutionary messages broadcasted from outer space.

"This program carried by the highest authorities is a program specially created for you.
Conceived in close collaboration with the NASA, this programs marries technology and revolution.
Laika the she-dog taken into the cosmos by Sputnik came back with plenty of precious information and thus helped our team to design a leader program non-polluting and bioethics friendly." [J.D./E.N.]

strange how? right now.

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
full fuckin' moon, gilbert may, hugh dingwall, the ontago pioneer woman's memorial association, oliver of the sky, sally mcintyre (and many others) and radio dunedin, new zealand for really strange loops;
john deneuve and radio grenouille, marseille, for a strange program (that) can;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.



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