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radia #280 this is not a radioplay + radia #264 spam

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was in der mailbox nervt, wird im radio kunst:
spam, als reine poesie betrachtet und zu gehör gebracht.
klanglich. und wörtlich.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


you may hate it when it's hitting your mailbox.
but look, it's pure poetry.
at least when sounds and words are transformed into radio art…

with delicious radio art spam and spam radio art from radio worm in rotterdam:

"[…] it is a non linear radioplay constructed with spamlists messages and addresses, child torture and field recordings, soundart and snippets of music by The Static Tics. Dr. Lukas Simonis constructed and edited it, while Henk Bakr looked on and saw that it was good (it was actually time for his afternoon nap, but he skipped it for the good cause) […]" [R.W.]

… and from soundart radio dartington:

"high (pitch) on air(th)
synthetically amplified voices of the outskirts
= spam e-mail
high and broken feminine voice
low-fi one-take home recording during the preparation for the (yes!) holiday
all those @'s… they drive me to sleep…
get off the internet
get off the internet

(Spam (if you take it as some kind of alternative advertising (or as the abuse of electronic messaging systems)) hardly finds its way into the mainstream reception, it only exists on the outskirts of major media bodies and parasites on their backs.

The crucial point comparing 'spam' with mainstream advertising could be that major advertising firms are exploiting similar promotional techniques, but their ways of publicity enjoy a privileged role over small firms, individual businesses, or simply initiatives uncommercial in their nature etc. (capitalist mode of production/distribution). For me, the interesting thing is the means that unprivileged peoples are exploiting in order to find their way in publicity wars.

The broadcast of synthetically amplified spam e-mails is the starting point in the exploration of the 'alternative' means of distribution, the tactics of using trends/cults/gossip in order to exploit popular culture for emancipatory/socially progressive/anti-establishment goals. This quickly done recording during the last half-an-hour at home before my departure for the holiday mocks the differentiation of work/leisure in capitalist society because of the sounds of preparation being heard in the background and the whole 'rush' quality of the recording. Very literal take on creating 'spam-poetry' could act as an attempt to raise dialogue about the issues surrounding spam, annoy or amuse listeners.)" [A.S.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
the static tics, dr lukas simonis, henk bar and radio worm, rotterdam, for spamming us;
andrius savickas and soundart radio, dartington,for doing well the same;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.



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