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radia #286: personal number station  + radia #57: lunatic

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heute wird kreativ gekoechelt. statt suppengruen und nudeln kommen klangwellen in den topf und auf den teller…

der erste gang wird vom disphilharmonia sound quartet aus skopje kredenzt, die mit einer überraschenden variation auf ein gericht aus zutaten geheimnisvollen ursprungs aufwarten. indem sie uns einen persönlichen zahlensender servieren.

im anschluss tritt ladislav zelezny den ganz in die klangvorratskammer an, um aus den archiven eines mondsüchtigen ein köstliches menue zu kreieren.

credits und hintergrundinformationen: siehe unten


today we're going to enjoy two lessons in creative sound cooking…

first the disphilharmonia sound quartet from skopje will set up a personal number station (sic) for a surprise menue:

"Initially, we are a laptop quartet of five individuals, one robot (barely automated, slightly sentient) and four fleshy humans. Furthermore we host a radio show on Kanal 103 in Macedonia which usually contains much of what we do in our separate electronic production projects, alternative ego's, or what we do with Disphilharmonia. Since music is taken very lightly lately, we consider that the act of listening to music/sounds should return to a more primitive time where it represents a totem, a symbol of gathering around which special attention should be invested. Our live performances attempt to create this effect by accentuating the visual part, forcing audience to participate with more senses, ritualizing the act of listening music. This time, for Radia, we prepared an almost fake Numbers Station live, that relays a secret message, when converted/cracked and sent to our mail, results in access to not-yet-released materials of Disphilharmonia and/or affiliates." [T.D.]

To learn more about the disphilharmonia sound quartet visit www.disphilharmonia.blogspot.com

afterwards we enjoy another time a lunatic from prague opening his archive to create a fresh and tasty meal:

"From the Archives of a Lunatic (Radio Lemurie files), short sample from the workshop files and sound archives managed by the Art project Lemurie TAZ operating in Prague. Melange of sound files was chosen by an imaginary mascot a night creature named Lemorona who browsed through the dusty boxes full of tapes, records and cassettes. Recorded, composed and edited by Ladislav Zelezny. member of the lemurie brotherhood." [L.Z.]

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
toni dimitrov, the disphilharmonia sounds quartet and kanal 103, skopje, for cooking digital wave soup;
ladislav zelezny, the lemurie brotherhood and radio taz lemurie, prague, for doing the same the analog way;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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