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((o)) radiator x – 080307 – radiant matter + radia 153

today radiator x radiates into distant dimensions:
in the first part of our show miss.gunst continues reading from her her digital dust diaries; this time with some musings about radiant matter.

in the second part – radia show #153, provided by resonsance104fm from London via radia.fm art radio network rotation – earweego invite us to a special lesson in a language most of us won't be too familiar with:"Learning Tibetan".


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: radiator x

rxl_k.gifradiator x : radiokunst : kunstradio : radio art : art radio
[pls. scroll down for english version]

radiator x ist ein internationales Kunstradio-Format auf radio x, das in Zusammenarbeit mit dem bzw. als Beitrag für das Kunstradio-Netzwerk radia.fm produziert wird.

radiator x sendet wöchentlich eine Stunde auf radio x Frankurt am Main (derzeit jeden Freitag Donnerstag von 15:00 Uhr bis 16:00 Uhr MEZ; lokale Frequenz: fm 91,8 Stereo – 99,85 Kabel … und Live-Webstream!).


((o)) radiator x – 080229 – radio(in)activity + radia 152

while we announced the official start of radiator x for march 2008, we found the friday slot being vacant already. so we simply could not resist to jump in – and here we are with a sneak preview of our new format.

as all regular radiator x transmissions, the show consists of two parts.
part I is a GUNSTradio production, in a way inspired by the date this transmission takes place – the 29th of february.
reading another chapter from her digital dust diaries, miss.gunst keeps records of a strange case of radio(in)activity.
for credits and metadata info pls. see below.

part II of our transmission comes from the radia.fm art radio network with radia show # 152, produced by Radio Zéro from Lisbon, Portugal: "Canticles of the First Floor" by Pedro Coelho.
more background info on this piece can be retrieved in the related entry of the radioswap.net database (via radia.fm).

[please note: links to extern sites open in a new window/tab of your browser. read the disclaimer in case you consider it as necessary.]


((o)) GUNSTradio : radiator x – 15.02.2008 – THEM


a special show of two hours art radio with radio art, introducing the new GUNSTradio format from march onwards to become a weekly: radiator x (*).

the show has been conceived in direct relation to this year's AV festival in Newcastle, during which it will be broadcasted as part of one of the festival's radio programmes curated by Knut Aufermann. as the AV festival is dedicated to the theme 'broadcasting' (in other words: radio, the classic one-to-many style), miss.gunst invites you to listen – to listen to THEM.


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