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((o)) radiator x – 140130 – fishes

rxl_k.giffishes radia #456: fish are jumpin’ + radia #428: everything is eel

always in motion, just like the rivers flow: for this very hour of radio art that's exactly what sounds and fishes share…


((o)) GUNSTradioKIOSK – 17.01.2014 – Pflanzen, Trinken, Essen | Eat Drink Plant

Eat(ing), Dring(ing), Plant(ing) – activities that can be considered as different, yet also connected with each other in many ways.


((o)) GUNSTradio – 20.12.2013 – RadioGarten : O Nadelbaum | RadioGarden : O Conifer

RadioGarten : O Nadelbaum | RadioGarden : O Conifer

My friend the tree? Each year, for millions of firs this friendship comes to a deadly end. In the light of current events we've decided to dedicate the last issue of 2013's RadioGarden broadcasts to firs and other conifers.


((o)) GUNSTradio – 15.11.2013 – RadioGarten : HefeKultur | RadioGarden : YeastCulture

lgb-dr-rr-gr.gifRadioGarten : HefeKultur | RadioGarden : YeastCulture

The harvest is done! However, this does not mean the end of our RadioGarden season. Rather, the fruit stored in the cellars strives to get a new life – literally…


((o)) GUNSTradio – 18.10.2013 – RadioGarten : Unsere Gärten | RadioGarden : Our Gardens

RadioGarten : Unsere Gärten | RadioGarden : Our Gardens

How do our gardens look like and how do we look at them – in our dreams and fantasies, and in reality? What are the images, imaginations and concepts directing our garden designs?
A (re-)search for traces from present times back into history – and in Frankfurt/Main.


((o)) GUNSTradio – 20.09.2013 – RadioGarten : Oszillator Obstsalat | RadioGarden : Oscillator Fruit Salad

RadioGarten : Oszillator Obstsalat | RadioGarden : Oscillator Fruit Salad

On the trees in the gardens plums and apples are calling for a rich harvest. Together with the Berlin based artist, electro-experimentalist and musician Klaas Hübner we are cutting fruit, for he will serve us a delicate meal: His famous oscillator fruit salad. Part of this are three very special pieces: a banana, an orange and a star fruit sporting switches and cables sprouting from inside. Plus, also our napkins and spoons are wired. A sweet dish that is going to be taste for tongue and ears…


((o)) GUNSTradio – 16.08.2013 – RadioGarten : Bienen & Blumen in der Stadt | RadioGarden : Bees & Flowers in the City

RadioGarten : Bienen & Blumen in der Stadt | RadioGarden : Bees & Flowers in the City

A radio talk with the Berlin based urban beekeeper Erika Mayr. About the life of bees and the life with bees in the city. About urban biodiversity and sustainability, about ecological as well as social aspects of beekeeping. And more. Moreover, a mouthfull of sweet city bee honey is being served…


((o)) GUNSTradio – 19.07.2013 – RadioGarten : Gärtnern in Balkonien | RadioGarden : Gardening in Balconia

RadioGarten : Gärtnern in Balkonien | RadioGarden : Gardening in Balconia

A radio talk around the garden table with Jörg Reinowksi, self-taught gardener and expert for gardening in Balkonia. During our show he's unveiling the mysteries of his green wonder bag, packed with delicious surprises like self-grown veggies and home baked bread. Together with a lot of balcony gardneners knowlegde he shares also the recipes with us….


((o)) radiator x – 130704 – fish (again)

rxl_k.giffish radia #428: everything is eel + radia #303: paivascapes

is acoustic fish just as healthy as fish on your plate? we have to admit: we do not really know. indeed, it's never been our master plan to serve fish regularly as a radio dish. rather, it's simply about a repeat…


((o)) radiator x – 130627 – fish

rxl_k.giffish radia #428: everything is eel + radia #303: paivascapes

fish are usually considered as rather silent contemporaries. thus they do not seem to be the best candidates for an appearance in radio shows. radia, however, nevertheless listens closely – yes, to fish!


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