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((o)) GUNSTradio – 21.06.2013 – RadioGarten : Gemeinsam in Ginnheim | RadioGarden : Ginnheim Commons

RadioGarten : Gemeinsam in Ginnheim | RadioGarden : Ginnheim Commons

On Ginnheim's churchyard (Ginnheimer Kirchplatz), a community garden has grown. In containers, you'll find flowers in full bloom, vegetables prospering and berries ripening. No fences around. Regularly, gardeners are coming – but not only to take care of the plants. Rather, they are meeting to discuss about community and commons – and about future common perspectives for Ginnheim…


((o)) radiator x – 130613 – ultrasonic cities

rxl_k.gifultrasonic cities radia #426: ultrasonic city + radia #329: TIK RADIO BRATISLAVA SHORTCUTS

there are whole urban landscapes growing under the threshold of human perception. but it is not only due to the limited capacities of human ear's sensorial perception that certain frequencies remain in audible. as we'll hear, there are other reasons as well…


[[:]] Datscha-Radio: Dokumentation & Archiv | Documentation & Archive

Dokumentation & Archiv | Documentation & Archive

Well, a garden needs a lot of work. And time. Of which we'd need definitely more. While the summer's harvest has still to be sorted and stored for later consume, the next season is already knocking at our door…


[[:]] Datscha-Radio: Auf Wiederhören! | Hear you again!

Datscha-Radio: Auf Wiederhören! | Hear you again!

How fast a week can pass by! Datscha-Radio has broadcasted for seven days and nights from the Garden – with a considerable number of live concerts, performances and talks with artists, musicians and gardeners, with readings, sound art, music programmes and garden ghost hours about and around gardens, gardening and everything you can find, encounter and/or dream of in a garden.
Great many thanks to everybody!


((o)) Datscha-Radio: Biopatente | Bio-Patents

Biopatente, oder: Wem gehört die Welt? | Bio Patents, or: Who owns the World?

My plants, your plants – plants for everybody? You must be joking! Sure it may be well debatable if life should be claimable as property or rather not. However, when it comes to plants and their seeds, it seems like the answer is already given. The quality of seeds and breeds is decisive for harvest and gains – thus also for the market and trade value of whatever you grow in your gardens and on your acres. Consequently, the formula for a promising breed is in high demand. Not just since the first biological patents have been claimed. Yet – after being tested first in the reign of microorganisms – biological patents have made a stellar carreer in times of advanced bio-technologies, and lab genetics have finally directed the attention towards the "formulae of life". With considerably severe consequences for every body involved…


((o)) Datscha-Radio: Pomologie | Pomology

Pomologie | Pomology

What links apples with art and pomology with politics? RadioRhizom:e grows its antenna to further explore this field. Together with Frankfurt based artist Jörg Spamer we'll go for a stroll through the history of pomology, present to past to present. A box with "books abour apples" turns out to be the estate of a famous pomologist. Walking his footsteps we'll learn a lot – not only about the relations between man and malus domestica…


((o)) GUNSTradio – 20.07.2012 – RadioRhizomE: Pomologie | Pomology

RadioRhizomE: Pomologie | Pomology

What links apples with art and pomology with politics? RadioRhizom:e grows its antenna to further explore this field. Together with Frankfurt based artist Jörg Spamer we'll go for a stroll through the history of pomology, present to past to present. A box with "books abour apples" turns out to be the estate of a famous pomologist. Walking his footsteps we'll learn a lot – not only about the relations between man and malus domestica…

RadioRhizomE: Pomology is a GUNSTproduction for Datscha-Radio.
Find out more about Datscha-Radio at www.datscharadio.de*

Gate Zero: Roots#3 (Gate Zero | Stefan Biermann: Green Planet – Stadtgrün 026 – Stadtgrün 2008 – ccy-by-nc-sa – stadtgruenlabel.net) – Garten: Sprenkler Gartenblick 1 (Garten | Stefan Biermann & Waldemar Bednorz: Elektronischer Garten – Stadtgrün 024 – Stadtgrün 2007 – ccy-by-nc-sa – stadtgruenlabel.net) – Krill Minima: Marienkäfer (Krill Minima: Borkenkäfer – Stadtgrün 006 – Stadtgrün 2004 – ccy-by-nc-sa – stadtgruenlabel.net)*

miss.gunst would like to thank all contributing artists and netlabels – and especially Jörg Spamer for being her guest .
Find out more about his ancestor, the pomologist Wilhelm Lauche at www.lauche.org*

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[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: Datscha-Radio

Datscha-Radio: Ein Garten On Air | A Garden on Air

Datscha-Radio – A Garden On Air

A garden is more than a metaphor: Bridging architecture to nature, it is a living space for visions and encounters, for work and leisure. The garden has been a companion to mankind in all cultures since the beginning of civilization. With the onslaught of technologies of daily life, the topic of gardening has continually gained attention in terms of aesthetics, history and ecology. The true potential of the garden, though, lies within its rich multitudes. A garden is not just one place, it is many places; not just one system, but many systems. To create a garden for listening and international cooperation which appeals to all of the senses – this is the aim of Datscha-Radio.


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: RadioRhizomE


RadioRhizomE is listenting to garden(')s underground and from beyond, collecting gems of hidden germinations and clandestine growth: propagule diasporas, grass root revolutions, and other movements in the greens, mosses, lichen and fungi, weeds and wild herbs, plant pharmacy and toxicology, strange symbioses, productive parasites and the fruits of decay, crypto- and pata-botanics, biolelectronics and techno-organic transformations, secret nests, garden ghosts and the whispers of the wind…


[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: TIK ROOFTOP RADIO


A live gallery radio stream from the TIK exhibition & festival. Rooftop Radio is a settled and permanent interaction with broadcast reports, interviews, discussions, atmospheric pictures and more from the festival site.


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