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[[o]] GUNSTprojekt | GUNSTproject: RANDOM TIME RADIO

lgb-rtrg-vs01.gifRANDOM TIME RADIO

Time. Measurment, rules and numbers. Rhythm, beat and clock. Synchronization.
But what if clocks are turning in a different way? If they are running out of rhythm, if they are standing still – set free from the ordinary regimes of time?
What kind of hours will the show? And how will those come together who are – with purpose, unwittingly or not – following their course? Can we imagine chance being the very key that will allow to synchronize their time(s), from time to time?


((o)) radiator x – 130131 – wolves

rxl_k.gifwolves radia #407: out come the wolves + radia #158: greenland

to howl with the wolves. do we want that? really? well: let us try. thus we move with nicolas perret and cédric anglaret to an isolated village in karelia.


((o)) radiator x – 130124 – arctic perspectives

rxl_k.gifarctic perspectives radia #406: radio arctic + radia #375: DNT GVP

arctic temperatures? even during the winter our climate is far too mild to compare. for the majority of us, 'arctic' is a picture. an image. an imagination. that can be triggered, however, with sound as well.


((o)) radiator x – 130110 – soothing colours

rxl_k.gifsoothing olours radia #403: don't panic + radia #260: the village is quiet

a very special colour therapy. for in the end, space and colour are its tools.
but how does this work?


((o)) radiator x – 121220 – local tapes

rxl_k.giflocal tapes radia #399: no one turned away / no guest list + radia #180: leicester tape recording club

tapes. just like we used to know it: as a medium for home made recordings. kind of outdated? not really. just give it another try…


((o)) radiator x – 121213 – antipodean fields

rxl_k.gifantipodean fields radia #398: antipodean fields + radia #271: endangered radio band

travelling the spectrum. first with david haines who is floating with us through antipodean fields in new zealand:


((o)) radiator x – 121206 – 2/5 BZ

rxl_k.gif2/5 BZ radia #397: istanbul courthoustep + radia #86: no exotic cocktailcore

news istanbul, provided by an expert in using radio and pop music as critical tools.


((o)) radiator x – 120712 – abstract landscapes

rxl_k.gifabstract landscapes radia #375 DNT GVP + radia #193: the military landscape show

abstract landscapes. made concrete. with sound.

first we'll follow neven lochhead from the arctic to italy:

"'DNT GVP' is a composition by experimental musician and filmmaker Neven Lochhead, who is based out of Kingston, Ontario. Like much of Neven’s recent work, DNT GVP concerns itself with abstraction and experience of space. Clean guitar tones are played while sounds of Pond Inlet, Nunavut, a small hamlet in the arctic, surface to the ears between rests. A slight echo is applied to the sounds of the town, immediately informing that the sound is an abstraction. A complete and pure representation is always abstracted by the appearance of added audio. The landscape fades in and out of conscious listening. Later in the piece, a recording from an Italian language tape fades in, first appearing as part of the landscape itself – a distant radio playing through someone’s kitchen window. The sound of the tape increases, thickens and engulfs the impossible soundscape." [C.FR.]

afterwards, we'll listen another time to radio zero's 'military landscape show' researching the resonant space of former and current camps and training areas. curated and produced by Jay Needham (wavespace.org), with pieces by…

… Richard Lerman (sonicjourneys.com):

Aleutian Internment – Inside a hunting dwelling on the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea (amplified whale bone, grass, rain, wild celery and a wind harp) Funter Bay Internment camp (slats of the goldmine camp building where they were interned, windharp, rain) Windharp and weeds at a Cemetery across from the Internment camp at Funter BaySeals on St Paul Island, the Pribilofs Ugadaga Bay, looking towards Biorka Island and an Iris in the wind and snow, recorded on Unalaska Islan. (01) Trinity Site – Trinity Site, near Alamagordo, NM, was recorded in April 1997. Two times a year, the site where the first atomic bomb was tested, is opened up to visitors and many hundreds of people attend. I began recording from the car as I entered the military check point. Later, I recorded sounds from piezo disks attached to glass pieces that I placed into the earth. Also heard are sounds recorded from the fence surrounding ground zero and amplified, grass, weeks and footsteps of persons at the site. (03)

… and Louise K. Wilson (www.lincoln.ac.uk/lsad/staff_pt/l_wilson.htm):

Black Beacon Receiver mix – Mixed-down version of the seven soundscapes produced for "Black Beacon Receiver". From A Record of Fear. (02) Unamplified choir. Sine oscillator (composer: Yannais Kyriakides) – a specially composed piece for Exmoor Singers, made for temporary installation in Lab 5 at Orford Ness. (04) Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London on August 7, 2005. Music Director: James Jarvis; Producer Clarissa Farran.

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
neven lochhead and radio cfrm, ontario, for abstractions of concrete landscapes and concretions of abstract landscapes;
jay needham and radio zero, lissabon, for making us familiar with louise k. wilson's and richard lerman's sonic visions of military landscapes;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

((o)) GUNSTradio – 15.06.2012 – die gärten der riesen | giants' gardens

lgb-gtik.gifdie gärten der riesen | giant's gardens

In the giants' gardens is growing another time. A time of which we do not know. As probably men never will. For sure not those who claim them for their own…


((o)) radiator x – 120614 – ex sonification

rxl_k.gifex sonification radia #372 sound within sound + radia #301 resonant space

sonic experiments. (with)in sound. in space. in sounding spaces.

first with andrea jane cornell who inivites us to think about the way radio is being created within radio:

"Radio is created where radio is listened to. Ckut’s Andrea Jane Cornell takes the listener out of conventional listening spaces and ways of thinking about hearing and listening. Using our on air broadcasting studio with its equipment as a complex musical instrument, she brings us
sound within sound." [RCK]

afterwards, david strang is another time experimenting with sound (with)in space in a former wind channel:

"This work is a sonic representation of the space Q121. A space built and designed for the most efficient flow of air at speeds of up to 150 mph. The site was specifically chosen since the movement of air is a form of sound. […] Q121 was decommissioned in 1996 and has sat unused, dark and silent for more than a decade. Built in 1935 it was used in a wide variety of tests on structures such as, propellers, helicopter rotors and architectural features.
The method for creating and collecting the sound refers back to Alvin Lucier's 'I am sitting in a room' (1969). Inside Q121 a recording was made. This recording was then played back into Q121whilst being recorded again. As this cycle was repeated the layers of air became denser until, slowly, the space began to reveal a drone with various overtones determined by the physical dimensions of Q121." [D.S.]

find out more about david strang at www.davidstrang.co.uk
his radia show is based on his sound installation "resonant space", see: www.davidstrang.co.uk/resonantspace.htm

miss.gunst would like to thank the following artists and sound collectors:
jovica for the space machine, corsica s for some beautiful radiator sounds;
andrea jane cornell and radio ckut, montréal, for making us listen to radio within radio;
david strang and soundart radio, dartington, for sending us through the wind channel;
as well as radia.fm radio art network for being a crowd of incredibly creative partners.

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