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Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni  M. A.

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Q – Tools for Hacking Binaries

Vortrag | Lecture
Symposium "Tran/Feminist Hacking. Spaces – Communities – Practices", Einstein Center Digital Future, December 12-13, 2019 | 12./13.12.2019

Deeply immersed in digital media and technologies, should we still bother about software addressing zeros and ones? About hardware electronics' minus and plus? But then, just as the 'male' and 'female' parts of plugs, nothing of this is just given. It is all about concepts and their implementation, into software, hardware and wetware, impregnating mind and matter, actions and interactions. Technology and tools are both gendered and sexualized; language and naming being the training program by which binary power politics are being impregnated into our imagination and literally objectified
Therefore it remains necessary to ask for, to think about and to work on queer(ing) technologies, and to develop tools for hacking binaries.

Hintergrundinformationen | Background Information:

Projekt "WerkzeugWissen – Wissenswerkzeuge" auf www.under-construction.cc | Project "Tools of Knowledge – Knowledge of Tools" at www.under-construction.cc

Forschungsschwerpunkt auf www.under-construction.cc | research focus MEDIOLOGIES at www.under-construction.cc

Forschungsschwerpunkt Do It Yourself-Kulturen auf www.under-construction.cc | research focus Do It Yourself cultures at www.under-construction.cc

tags: agency, alltagskultur, alltagstechnologien, analogital, art & media, art & society, cyberfeminism, cyberfeminismus, digital culture, digitale kultur, diy, do it yourself, do-it-yourself cultures, do-it-yourself-kulturen, erfindungen & erfinden, everyday culture, everyday technologies, geek, hacks, instrumente, instruments, inventing & inventions, knowledge cultures, kunst & gesellschaft, kunst & medien, material culture, materielle kultur, media cultures, medienkultur, medienkulturen, objects & things, objekte/sachen/dinge, technologie, technology, tools, werkzeug, wissenskulturen

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