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Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni  M. A.

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Get A Life? Get Alive! Or: I Walked With A Character

Lecture | Vortrag
im Rahmen des | in the framework of
"1st Pictoplasma Symposium", Pictoplasma Festival of Contemporary Character Culture and Art, Haus der Weltkulturen, Berlin, 17.03.-21.03. | March 1-21, 2009

Characters have entered the third dimension, urban space and daily life. We meet them on the streets; they join us in our living room, and some oft them are our best friends. They are among us. They live. They'r'us.
Perhaps it has been always like this, just we weren't aware. However, it's time to think about it.

Some will tell you all this is because the world has become superflat; because time stands still after we reached some critical point in a process of socio-economic entropy. Embracing hyperreality has exacted its toll. But if Peter and Alice are our superheroes, does this mean we strive for a never-ending youth while facing the fate of life-long infantilism? Has the global disneyfication of cities already resulted in an overall disneyfication of our lives?

Let us assume there is more than one way to answer these questions…

tags: alltagskultur, alltagstechnologien, analogital, art & hermetism, art & media, art & occult traditions, art & society, bild & imagination, bodies, communication, cultural history, design, digital culture, digitale kultur, displays, electronic arts, elektronische kunst, erzählen, everyday culture, everyday technologies, games & play, geek, image & imagination, invisibility, kommunikation, körper, kulturgeschichte, kunst & gesellschaft, kunst & hermetik, kunst & medien, kunst & okkulte traditionen, magic, magie, objects & things, objekte/sachen/dinge, performance, sichtbarkeit, spiele & spielen, spielzeug, spielzeuge & werkzeuge, spiritism, spiritismus, storytelling, time, tools, topologien, topologies, toys, toys & tools, unsichtbarkeit, vermittlung, visibility, werkzeug, zeit

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