interfiction XVII / 2010 : GADGETS-A-GOGO!

2010's interdiscplinary workshop-symposium for art, media and network cultures interfiction – Kassel, nov 12th to 14th, in the framework of Kassel's documentary and video festival – wants to know all about gadgets-to-go…

GADGETS-A-GOGO: They are handy and small. They are useful helpers. They combine smart technology with smart design. They're simply fun. And, most important: They are and make us mobile. But is that all?
This year's interfiction symposium invites with lectures, presentations and workshop-sessions to take a closer look at — and hands on — mobile gadgets as toys and tools.

On the issue are not only the gadgets as such and their technologies — from smart phones and GPS receivers, cameras, sound recording devices and audio players as well as all kind of tiny electronic toys. Of course the focus will be on their functions and effects, on utility, usability and uses in different social and cultural contexts as well.

Who and what is made mobile? What are the conditions and premises — and what is, not only in terms of money matters, the price we pay? How were and are interfaces for gadgets designed? Could we possibly say that some gadgets are interfaces by themselves?
What are characteristic relations between form and function? What about those between fuction(s) and fun, between toy and tool? Which kind of developments can we find beyond the markets dominated by bigger companies and global industries? How important are Open Source technologies, D.I.Y. and "hacks"?
What is the role gadgets play in different socio-cultural contexts and communities? How have relations between nerd culture and pop culture, consumer and prosumer culture changed over the years? What is the potential of gadgets for creative uses — and what about their uses for artistic purposes? Is there something like gadget art?

As an interdisciplinary workshop-conference for art, media and network cultures, interfiction will explore promises and problems generated at the mentioned intersections and convergences of technological and cultural developments. Together with the more recent achievements, we're also interested in the histories of gadget technologies and cultures, as well as perspectives of media archaeology. As always, special attention will be devoted to Open Source development, OS technology, and Do-It-Yourself access.

Artists, video- and filmmakers, researchers, curators, writers, activists with a crush for gadgets and interested in interdisciplinary exchange are invited to join the conference and to discuss their ideas and projects.

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main project: TOYS AND/AS TOOLS

tags: art, games, games & play, material culture, media, mobility, tools, toys, urban cultures, visual culture



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