707 e.V. Art and Intermedia at Max-Beckmann-Haus
Frankfurt am Main, March 4-13, 1995

A full week with installations, performances, lectures, concerts, videos and more in a private flat in the famous Max-Beckmann-Haus – yours, intimately, 707 e.V.!

Oval Wohnton (Frankfurt am Main), -Innen (Hamburg), Stefan Beck (Frankfurt am Main), Anja Czioska (Frankfurt am Main), The Thing (N.Y., Düsselorf, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt) and more…

Concept, organisation & realisation:
Andreas Kallfelz
together with Felicia Herrschaft, Verena Kuni and many others

This event is part of the anniversary special programme "Zehn Jahre 707 e.V. Kunst und Internmedia" ("10 Years 707 e.V. Art ans Intermedia")

About 707 e.V.:
Founded in 1985 by Andreas Kallfelz, Walter E. Baumann and other people from Frankfurt's art scene, 707 e.V. has been active from 1985 till 1995.
707 e.V. has organized concerts, performances, talks, exhibitions and festivals with international guests from experimental art, media and network culture.

projects: D.I.Y. CULTURES, Micro*

main project: D.I.Y. CULTURES

tags: agency, art & media, art & public, art & society, art criticism, audio, commons, communication, digital culture, displays, diy, do it yourself, do it yourself cultures, everyday technologies, film, geek, installation, media cultures, net art, net cultures, network cultures, participation, performance, place, sound, sound art, space, spaces & places, technology, tools, video



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