Video Section @ 12. Kassel Documentary Film- and Video Festival

12. Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival
Dock 4, Kassel, Dec 6-13, 1995

Curated & presented by:
Gerhard Wissner, Christian Hoffmann & Verena Kuni

Screenings & Discussions

Public Access – Zugang zu den "Neuen Medien" | Acess to the "New Media"
Video-Geschichten – Video Stories
Bill Viola
Kurz & Knapp | The Shortlist
Bilder vom Widerstand | Images of Resistance
Chris Marker
Typen | Types
Asyl in Deutschland | Shelter in Germany
Neue russische Videokunst | New Video Art from Russia
Avantgarde als Interface | Avant-garde as Interface
50 Jahre danach | 50 Years After
Videos aus Kassel | Videos from Kassel

Klaus Beyer Beatles Abend mit | with Martin Schmitz
Kathy Rae Huffmann: Cyber-Intimacy. From Net Nookie to Coffe Talk (interfiction@dokfest)

projects: interfiction, MEDIOLOGIES, SENDER

main project: MEDIOLOGIES

tags: aesthetics, analogital, art & media, art & society, authorship, bodies, communication, digital culture, displays, electronic arts, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, gender, image & imagination, (in)visibility, invisibility, media cultures, net cultures, network cultures, perception, representation, stories & histories, storytelling, subject & authorship, technology, time, utopias, video, visual culture



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