Knit Hack Days 2014, ETIB Berlin, March 31 – April 6, 2014 – April 2, 2014

Over the past two decades crocheting and knitting – formerly known as granny’s craft and homework for obedient girls – have become permanent features within geek culture. For good reasons. A knitting pattern is being worked through like an algorithm, plus it comes usually translated into a piece of abstract code. So it seems only natural to think about knitting in terms of computation. Indeed there is a lot of mathematics involved in needlework, plus you can inform your crochets and knits additionally with math, informatics and technology. You can start with an excursion intro algorithmic botany by following the thread of growth patterns or crochet mathematical models to better understand geometry – not to mention you can even wear the latter in case you crochet a hyperbolic cape, knit a Möbius strip scarf or a Klein bottle hat. And if your hands get tired, why not let a hacked knitting machine do the work and produce scarves with 8bit graphics, EEG patterns or game scores instead?

This and more is covered by "Ha3keln + Str1ck3n für Geeks" (Cr0ch3ts + Kn1ts for Geeks)*, a book full of things to know, to marvel about and to be inspired by from the wonderful world of geek needlecraft. But then we should also ask: What’s next?
The tools, techniques and technologies are in our hands, so why not make our minds up to re-think what’s already there and to think a little further. What are the challenges for creative geeks working with needlecraft, in the very near future – aka: right now?
It’s time to open new thread indeed. Thus let us meet for a threads2thinktank…

* Verena Kuni: Ha3k3ln + Str1ck3n für Geeks. Von gehäkelter Mathematik bis zum Strickmaschinen-Hack. Wissenswertes, Ideen & Inspirationen. Köln: O'Reilly, 2013.

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