For Lunch: 'The Raw and the Cooked'. In Search of the Beauty of Urban Wilderness

Theory & Practice-Input
together with Antje Schlottmann
"Schöne urbane Landschaften?", 7. Hessenkonferenz Stadtforschung, Schader Forum, Darmstadt, Oct 8, 2015

What is urban wilderness?
What is the value of urban wilderness? To whom is it of value?
What is the beauty of urban wilderness? Is urban wilderness beautiful? For whom?
How much and what kind of urban wilderness do we want?

An exploration in three phases:
1. Impulse & Introduction
2. For Lunch: Expedition & Mapping
3. Evaluation & Discussion

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Forschungsschwerpunkt (UN)SICHTBARE STADT auf www.under-construction.cc | research focus (IN)VISIBLE CITY at www.under-construction.cc

Forschungsprojekt Urbane Biotope – Biotop Stadt auf www.under-construction.cc | research project Urban Biotopes – Biotope City at www.under-construction.cc

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Informationen & Programm zur 7. Hessenkonferenz Stadtforschung auf den Seiten der Schader-Stiftung www.schader-stiftung.de | Information & Programme of the 7th Hessen Conference Urban Research at the Schader-Stiftung www.schader-stiftung.de (in German) *

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projects: (IN)VISIBLE GARDENS, (IN)VISIBLE CITY, MICROCLIMATE MAPPING, Cultures of Sustainability, TechnoNatureCultures, Urban Biotopes : Biotope City

main project: (IN)VISIBLE CITY

tags: aesthetics, architecture, biodiversity, biology, biosciences, city, city walks, cultural history, design, ecology, environment, everyday cultures, geography, green, image & imagination, invisibility, mapping, material culture, mobility, nature, perception, place, representation, senses, space, spaces & places, sustainability, topographies, urban cultures, urban landscapes, urban research, visual culture, walking



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