On the 'Diversity of Life' in Environmental Studies and Gender Studies. (Bio)Diversity from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i. Brsg., Jan 21-22, 2016

Environmental sciences and gender studies have in common that they both deal with questions of diversity, be it in flora and fauna or between people from different ethnicities, genders, age or status groups. From an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective, both fields deal with the challenge of how to fostered (bio)diversity – sometimes even against a general trend towards monocultures in environmental and social systems. How can we develop specific practices of 'doing nature' and 'doing gender' that do justice to the heterogeneity of living creatures as well as to the diversity of social forms of expression in various contexts? To address this question, it needs research on the distinctive needs and knowledge cultures, including inherent tensions of different people and their diverse environments.

In our international workshop-conference we will explore the topic with a special focus on methological approaches taking advantage from both disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives for research in theory and practice.

With the first day of the workshop-conference public lectures by contributors from different disciplines will give insights intro interdisciplinary approaches to the subject matter an open up the debate.
The second day is dedicated to closed workshop-sessions for the authors of the forthcoming special issue of Freiburger Zeitschrift für Geschlechterstudien (fzg) on "(Bio)iversity – Gender – Intersectionality" to dicuss their papers in depth.

The workshop-conference has been conceived and organized by:
Dr. Marion Mangelsdorf (ZAG Zentrum für Anthropologie & Gender Studies, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg), Prof. Dr. Michael Pregernig (Institut für Umweltsozialwissenschaften und Geographie, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) and Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni (Visuelle Kultur, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main)

Public Programme (Thursday, Feb 21, 2016):

Dr. Marion Mangelsdorf (Freiburg, DE), Prof. Dr. Michael Pregernig (Freiburg, DE) & Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni (Frankfurt a.M., DE)
Opening & Introduction
Katharina Nowak M.A. (Berlin, DE):
Disentangling Participation in 'Local Organic' Food Activism in London: On the Intersecting Dynamics of Whiteness and Coloniality that Constitute Ecological Consciousness
Dr. Anna Kaijser & Prof. Dr. Annica Kronsell (Lund, SE):
Biodiversity, Eco-system services and Intersectionality
Regula Kolar M.A. (Basel, CH) & Dr. Bianca Baerlocher (Bern, CH):
Vielfalt im Wald. Chancengleichheit als Kriterium für eine nachhaltige Waldgestaltung
Prof. Dr. Martina Padmanabhan (Passau, DE):
Intraface: Negotiating gender-relations in agrobiodiversity
Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni (Frankfurt, DE):
Imag(in)ing Bio-Diversity. Perspectives of Visual Culture and Art

projects: (IN)VISIBLE GARDENS, (IN)VISIBLE CITY, Cultures of Sustainability, TechnoNatureCultures, Urban Biotopes : Biotope City

main project: (IN)VISIBLE CITY

tags: aesthetics, agency, art & science, biodiversity, biology, biosciences, communication, ecology, environment, everyday cultures, gender, gender studies, green, image & imagination, institutions, (in)visibility, invisibility, knowledge cultures, material culture, media, methodology, models, natural sciences, nature, participation, representation, sustainability, technology, tools, topographies, visual culture



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