interdisciplinary perspectives on art, media and network cultures

What is the influence of digital media on our culture? And what about our options engage in this process and to actively take part in shaping (media) culture(s)? How are the connections and relationships between technological and artistic, social and political utopias and realities in art, everyday culture, science, technology and society defined? Which kinds of transfers exist and/or get lost between different material and media cultures? And what can people from different fields of profession and disciplines learn from each other?

These are some of the general questions raised by interfiction. Founded in 1995 as an interdisciplinary workshop-symposium for art, media and network cultures interfiction is gathering artists and scientists, scholars and practitioners for three days of lively exchange and discussion. Focused on a yearly theme chosen by the organizers lectures and presentations provide an overview over a broad range of individual as well as collective projects, while workshops and roundtables allow deeper insights and concentrated debates on the issues.

interfiction's basic structure is that of a temporary laboratory — thus not only offering a platform for ideas and projects, but rather aiming to enable and to bring forward a productive exchange and to open up new perspectives.

Availiable at www.under-construction.cc are basic infos about the workshop-summits from 2008 onwards.
Basic information about the workshop-summits up to the year 2008 can be found on the interfiction info base at kuniver.se.

Since 2000 the main interfiction website is online at www.interfiction.org
(with extensive information about all summits from 1999 onwards as well as links to the interfiction archives 1995-1998).

interdisciplinary workshop-summit on art, media and network cultures
as part of Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival
(yearly, since 1995)
founded by: Herbert Mayer & Gerhard Wissner
director: Verena Kuni
main website & archive: www.interfiction.org

project: interfiction

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tags: art, diy, do it yourself, do it yourself cultures, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, film, media, media cultures, media history, net cultures, popular culture, video



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