interfiction XIV / 2007: PATCH_WORK

2007's interdiscplinary workshop-symposium for art, media and network cultures interfiction (Kassel, nov 16th to 18th, 2007, in the framework of Kassel's documentary and video festival) – is about "PATCH_WORK: Cultural Production between Creative Commons and DRM"

Sorry, so far extended information about this workshop-conference is available in German language only.

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interfiction XIV / 2007: PATCH_WORK
Kassel,  November 16. to 18., 2007
Interdisciplinary Workshop-Summit for Art, Media and Network Cultures
in the framework of Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival
Director: Verena Kuni
Website & Archive: www.interfiction.org

projects: interfiction, Prosumer Cultures, RE/CYCLING INVENTION

main project: D.I.Y. CULTURES

related projects on www.under-construction.cc: A2D2A, Digital Dust Diaries

tags: art, authorship, commons, creativity, cultural studies, diy, do it yourself, do it yourself cultures, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, film, material culture, media, media history, media theory, net cultures, recycling, sustainability, video



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