radio projects and experiments in theory and practice

Researching and writing about radio – radio experiments and experimental radio, radio and/as art, radio as a medium, radio history and D.I.Y. radio…

… and making radio:

Regularily broadcasting with a weekly/monthly show on radio x, Frankfurt am Main since 1997 (GUNST / GUNSTradio), and since 2008 as a member of radia.fm art radio network, hosting a partner station node with an additional weekly radio show on radio x (radiator x).
And additionaly from time to time with special radio projects.

For further information pls. see the related entries for the radio projects and publications on these pages (under construction).

GUNSTradio (incl. info & archive) at www.gunst.info

radiator x (incl. info & archive) at www.gunst.info

radio meta page at kuniver.se

Links to the radio stations and references to project related infos hosted on extern webpages are to be found in the single project entries.

project: radio

related projects on www.under-construction.cc: cfs: center for storytelliing, D.I.Y. cultures, Home Made, interfiction, Micro*

related project on www.visuelle-kultur.info: KIOSK Art Communication

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