radio on art, media and network cultures

GUNSTradio is radio show on art, media and network cultures (mostly, yet not always in German language).

The format encompasses classic talk radio features as well as experimental shows; form time to time there are also theme-based series and specials.
GUNSTradio is broadcasted monthly (and sometimes more often) – as a live show or as a studio prepoduction – on radio x, Frankfurt Main (fm, cable and webradio-livestream).

GUNSTradio started in 1997 and is ongoing since.

GUNSTradio is a GUNST project and has its own website at www.gunst.info, where you can also find an info archive of all tranmissions and further information.

And on extern websites:

GUNSTradio show archives at radio x*

* links open in a separate browser window. on legal issues see also the disclaimer.

project: GUNSTradio

main project: radio

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