Aesthetics and Politics of Repair

Lecture | Vortrag
Research Workshop "Practices of Material Participation – Citizenship and the Politics of Social-Ecological Transformation", SFB Medien der Kooperation, University of Siegen, Dec 1-2, 2017 | 01./02.12.

Practices of repair are always rooted in necessity. This is not only true for times past – before capitalist consumer culture fell in love with the idea that buying a new item was a better alternative than repair. It is probably even truer for a present tired of the effects this idea had: cheap low-quality products made for single use, zillions of tons of waste, and no escape from the vicious circles in which both the latter are neatly intertwined. Moreover, if it’s rather the reasons underlying the urge of necessity that have changed, this applies anyway only for some (un)happy few.

At the same time, while the urge of necessity fueling the desire for repair in the first instance seems to be driven by rather functional aspects (i.e. to be able to use an item for a longer period, to keep with it instead of giving it up and/or exchange it), it turns out that aesthetics likewise play a major role, and they do so in many different dimensions. Not that this would come as a surprise. But as they are part of the reasons underlying the urge of necessity, and thus of influence for practices of repair resulting from the latter, it should be worth to take a closer look at their outcome. As we will see, the latter will also tell us a lot not only about aesthetics and politics of repair in general – but also more specifically about repair and/as practice(s) of material participation.

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