Radio on Time

From Summer 2010 onwards a series of radio shows is being produced as part of the TIME BENDING CLOCK project, a transdisciplinary research in the fields of art, media, cultural history and the history of sciences on theories and practices of alternate methods and techniques of clocking time.

TIME BENDING CLOCK RADIO (in short: TBC RADIO) encompasses a variety of formats – from essay/interview broadcasts to art radio as well as shows in German and English language. Like the TIME BENDING CLOCK project itself it is related to the international artistic research project Time Inventors' Kabinet (2010-2012). Thus TIK Radio productions are being broadcasted in the TBC series, and of course there are also TBC productions in the framework of TIK Radio.

Transmission dates and background  information about TBC radio shows broadcasted in the framework of GUNSTradio and radiator x as well as TIK radio shows with TBC contents are published in the  GUNST Radio Blog at www.gunst.info.

For more info about the project see the TIME BENDING CLOCK construction site.

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More about the Time Inventors Kabinet at www.timeinventorskabinet.org
More about TIK Radio in the TIK Wiki

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