Connected Open Greens : Frankfurt-Rhein-Main

A research network on urban greens in public space

The project is part of the "Connected Open Greens" network, initiated in the framework of the international artistic research project "Time Inventors' Kabinet" (TIK).
In this context the COG Frankfurt-Rhein-Main (in short: COG FFM-RM) node is a.o. hosting a test installement for monitoring and collecting data for the shared COG data base.

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COG FFM-RM (Connected Urban Greens : Frankfurt-Rhein-Main)
[currently under construction – thank you for your patience!]

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Connected OpenGreens Network (based at okno.be)

Time Inventors' Kabinet (TIK)
Connected Open Greens im TIK-Wiki (English)

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project: Urban Biotopes : Biotope City

main project: (IN)VISIBLE CITY

related projects on www.visuelle-kultur.info: Beehive, Biotope City Frankfurt, Sustainability

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