A-B-C … BYOT! – Bring Your Own Tools

"MAY I SIT? A symposium-workshop about art education, current politics and the institution of art", HfG Offenbach, Feb 01, 2019 | 01.02.

BYOT – Bring Your Own Tools is an invitation to join in a collaborative collection of and reflection about the tools we use for work: How do we define and choose our tools, depending on our needs, aims, goals and desires? Do we know where to get and how to handle them? Or do we have to create them ourselves? Do we own them anyway (and if so/if not, why does this matter)? Do we share them with others (and if so/if not, why does this matter)? In how far do we, does our work, do our projects and processes, do our results depend on our tools?

To start small and at the same time big, let us focus on our favs – and connect these to our shared subject matter(s) within the context of our temporary classroom community and beyond: What is/what are your favourite tools? What is/what are your favourite tools for co- – for communication, cooperation, collaboration, co-creation and for collaborative learning?

Option A (A is for ALL): A combination of all aka both options listed below.
Option B (B is for BYOT): Pls. bring your favourite tool (and/or at least some thoughts about your favourite tool, a description, a drawing, a photo…), and be prepared to share some thoughts about your tool and about tools in general with others. Let us create/collect a set of index cards that we can use to think about, critically reflect and share knowledge about our tools.
Option C (C is for CO-): Let us create a set of agency cards/learning cards based on our collection of tools for communication, cooperation, collaboration, co-creation and for collaborative learning.

Hintergrundinformationen | Background Information:

Projekt "Philosophisches Spielzeug" auf www.under-construction.cc | Project "Philosophical Toys" at www.under-construction.cc

Forschungsschwerpunkt Werkzeuge und/als Spielzeuge auf www.under-construction.cc | research focus Toys and/as Tools at www.under-construction.cc

Basisinfo zum Projekt "WERKZEUGWISSEN – WISSENSWERKZEUGE" auf www.visuelle-kultur.info | Basic info about the project "TOOLS OF KNOWLEDGE – KNOWLEDGE OF TOOLS" at www.visuelle-kultur.info

Projekt "WERKZEUGWISSEN – WISSENSWERKZEUGE" auf www.ArtSciEd.net (Plattform im Aufbau) | project "TOOLS OF KNOWLEDGE – KNOWLEDGE OF TOOLS" at www.ArtSciEd.net (platform under construction)

projects: D.I.Y. CULTURES, how2:how2, [IN]VISIBILIA, Knowledge of Tools - Tools of Knowledge, Micro*, PHILOSOPHICAL TOYS, TOYS AND/AS TOOLS, Vehicles


tags: aesthetics, agency, alltagstechnologien, analogital, art & media, art & public, art & society, ästhetik, bild & imagination, bildung, commons, communication, design, displays, diy, do it yourself, do it yourself cultures, do-it-yourself-kulturen, education, erfindungen & erfinden, everyday technologies, geschichten & geschichte, hacks, image & imagination, institutionen, institutions, instrumente, instruments, inventing & inventions, knowledge cultures, kommunikation, kunst & gesellschaft, kunst & medien, kunst & öffentlichkeit, material, modelle, models, repräsentation, representation, stories & histories, subject & authorship, subjekt & autorschaft, tools, vermittlung, werkzeug, wissenskulturen



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