Smart Bastards. Of Creative Encounters And Liaisons Dangereuses. DIY SCI & BIO ART

Forum des Arts Electorniques, Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève
Genf, May 3-5, 2012 | 03.-05. Mai

The lecture will give an introduction to the emerging field of do it yourself science and its relations to the arts, and take a closer look at the creative impulses generated by the interdisciplinary collaborations of both professionals and amateurs.

Within this field, the main focus will be directed towards "life sciences" and biology, and to the intersections of DIY BIO(SCIENCE) and BIO ART, to discuss potentials as well as problems we may encounter here. Last but not least, special attention with be devoted to OS (open source) approaches to the field.

The lecture will be followed by a workshop on OS BIO ART led by members of hackteria.org (Marc Dusseiller, Urs Gaudenz, and Yashas Shetty Sachiko Hirosue), one of the exemplary projects presented during the lecture.

Hintergrundinformationen | Background Information:

Projekt "" auf www.under-construction.cc | Project "DIY SCI" at www.under-construction.cc

Forschungsschwerpunkt Do It Yourself-Kulturen auf www.under-construction.cc | research focus Do It Yourself cultures at www.under-construction.cc

projects: Botanical Mediology, D.I.Y. CULTURES, DIY SCI, how2:how2, MEDIOLOGIES, Plant Communication, Cultures of Sustainability, TechnoNatureCultures, TOYS AND/AS TOOLS, TRANSFORMERS, Urban Biotopes : Biotope City

mainprojects: D.I.Y. CULTURES, (IN)VISIBLE CITY, TechnoNatureCultures

tags: art & science, biosciences, biowissenschaften, diy, do it yourself, do it yourself cultures, do-it-yourself-kulturen, electronic arts, elektronische kunst, kunst & wissenschaft



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