Spoke WEST: A Sunday Stroll

Walk & Watch: Into the Greens | Green Belt Walk
Public Sunday Stroll
Sun 8 July 2012

While basic skills in German might be helpful, they are not essential to participate in this event -and we can also provide improvised translation if necessary.
However, more detailed information about this event is so far available in German only (pls. see the related entry).

Background information:
Project-Seminar Walking & Watching: Into the Greens at www.visuelle-kultur.info
Project Into the Green (basic info) at www.visuelle-kultur.info
Project Into the Green at www.ArtSciEd.net
Online-Map for the projekt "Into the Greens" (with Spoke Walk and Sunday Stroll) [work in progress]
Project WALK & WATCH – GO & SEE at visuelle-kultur.info
Project (IN)VISIBLE CITY – (UN)SICHTBARE STADT at www.under-construction.cc
GrünGürtel Frankfurt

Walk & Watch: Into the Greens
GrünGürtel-Spaziergänge 2012
Spoke WEST: Public Sunday Stroll
Spoke Walk Team: Klaus Hoppe & Nicholas Kasang (Stadt Frankfurt/Umweltamt), Sylvia Friedrich (Stadt Frankfurt/Planungsamt), Renate Krämer (Stadt Frankfurt/Grünflächenamt), Verena Kuni (Goethe-Universität/Visuelle Kultur), Nikolas Fiedler, Sarah Held, Anna Krauskopf, Luise Schüler, Svea Schüssler, Elisa Rupp, Andreas Schubert (Students at Institute for Art Education/Participants of the project seminar "Into the Green")
Special Guest: Sabine Kübler (Rosen-Museum Steinfurt)
Sun 8 July 2012, 4-7 pm
Meeting Point: Basler Platz, Rose Garden

projects: (IN)VISIBLE GARDENS, (IN)VISIBLE CITY, Cultures of Sustainability, Urban Biotopes : Biotope City, Urban Playgrounds

main project: (IN)VISIBLE CITY

tags: architecture, city, city walks, displays, ecology, environment, green, invisibility, mapping, mobility, perception, space, urban cultures, urban landscapes, urban planning, urban research, urbanism, visibility, visualisation, walking



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