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Mind Map your steps: As one of the outcomes of our project seminar "Into the Greens" focussing on the Western spoke of GrünGürtel Frankfurt we are currently generating the "Map Spoke WEST" – an open street map based map enriched with markers pointing to the observations and findings of our walks, including the projects presented during the "Sunday Stroll Spoke WEST" (on July 8, 2012) and the "Green Belt Stripe" participants of our public walk set as markers in real space.

Please note: The Map is currently still heavily under construction – apart from necessary adjustments of GPS coordinates, we will still need some time to link each marker with the related background information, photos and other documents. Thank you for yor patience!

Direct link:
Map "Into the Greens: Spoke WEST" at www.ArtSciEd.net

Background information:
Project Into the Green at www.ArtSciEd.net
Project-Seminar Walking & Watching: Into the Greens at www.visuelle-kultur.info
Project Into the Green (basic info) at www.visuelle-kultur.info
Online-Map for the projekt "Into the Green" (with Spoke Walk and Sunday Stroll) at www.ArtSciEd.net [work in progress]
Project WALK & WATCH – GO & SEE at visuelle-kultur.info
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