Lasse-Marc Riek: Soundmapping & Field Recording

Workshop:Forum Visual Culture
Mapping the (In)Visible City
Lecture & Workshop
Tue 22 & Wed 23 May 2012

This lecture and workshop are held in German.
For more info see the German version of this entry.

Please note: While the evening lecture on Tue May 22 is open for everybody, the workshop on Wed May 23 is open only for registred participants.

Further information:
Workshop:Forum Visual Culture : Mapping the (In)Visible City
Project-Seminar Walking & Watching: Into the Greens
Project Into the Green (basic info)
Project Into the Green at www.ArtSciEd.net
Project WALK & WATCH – GO & SEE
Project (IN)VISIBLE CITY – (UN)SICHTBARE STADT at www.under-construction.cc

Workshop:Forum Visual Culture Summer 2012
Mapping the (In)Visible City
Lasse-Marc Riek: Soundmapping & Field-Recording
Lecture & Workshop
Lecture: Tue 22 May, 2012 6pm (Sophienstr. 1-3, Room 206)
Workshop: Wed 23 May 2012 5pm (Meeting point: Sophienstr. 1-3, Room 206)


main project: (IN)VISIBLE CITY

tags: aesthetics, city, ecology, environment, green, (in)visibility, perception, sound, sound art, spaces & places, topography, urban cultures, urban landscapes, visibility



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