The Future(s) of Communication

Panel im Rahmen von | panel session
mit | together with Baruch Gottlieb, Steffi Winkler & Adam Hyde
Marshall McLuhan Centennial – McLuminations!
Buchmesse Frankfurt | Frankfurt Book Fair, 15.10.2011 | October 10,

The panel is part of the ongoing series "McLuminations!", curated by Steffi Winkler & Baruch Gottlieb together with the Marshall McLuhan Salon / Marshall McLuhan Archive, The Canadian Embassy, Berlin.

Moreover, it is held in connection with the "McLuhan 100 Voices" project, curated by Stephen Kovats and Gingko Press – present(ed) at the Frankfurt Book Fair with Open Studio from Oct 12-Oct 16, 2011.

projects: D.I.Y. CULTURES, MEDIOLOGIES, Micro*, Prosumer Cultures

main project: D.I.Y. CULTURES

tags: analogital, art & public, art & society, cultural history, digital culture, digitale kultur, diy, do it yourself, do it yourself cultures, do-it-yourself-kulturen, electronic arts, elektronische kunst, knowledge cultures, knowledge production, kulturgeschichte, kunst & gesellschaft, kunst & öffentlichkeit, media, media archaeology, media history, media theory, medien, medienarchäologie, mediengeschichte, medientheorie, net culture, netzkultur, popular culture, populärkultur, public relation, technologie, technology, time, tools, werkzeug, wissenskulturen, wissensproduktion, zeit



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