A project about DIY cultures and bricolage strategies in electronic art and media.

Interest and research of artists in new technologies has repeatedly led to fascinating experiments with productive results. No wonder this is also true in times of everyday use of computers, analog and digital electronic media.
In related areas like sound art and electronic music many of the artists involved do not simly use pre-fabricated hardware and software, but actively engage in building their own instruments and tools. HOME MADE is a project dedicated to documenting and fostering this lively and growing scene of artists-inventors.  It has a socio-political message as well: Technology is not given, it can be formed and transformed by all of us. Moreover, the transformation of existing technologies is an artistic and social task.

The HOME MADE LABOR ("home made lab") takes form in a variety of formats:

Since spring 2005, closed as well as public workshops are being organized. The former offer artists and tinkerers a platform for professional exchange, sharing knowledge and ideas, and collaboration; the latter are open to a broader public (a.o. encompassing courses for kids and young people).  In both cases, the results are presented to the public.
Additionally, special events are organized in cooperation with institutions and organisations (i.e. lectures, concerts and performances).

These lab activities taking place in real space are being accompanied by continuous research and networking activities (see a.o. the list of related events and publications), documented in the HOME MADE LABOR : WEBLOG.

HOME MADE is a project initiated by Migros-Kulturprozent — Direktion Kultur und Soziales/"science + future"; head: Dominik Landwehr.
The HOME MADE LABOR : WEBLOG is maintained as a research and project cooperation.


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