Urban Biotopes : Biotope City

Urban Biotopes : Biotope City is a project chapter and research focus within the major research focus and project (IN)VISIBLE CITY: (UN)SICHTBARE STADT

Urban Biotopes (Biotope City) is an ongoing interdisciplinary project researching urban spaces as shared living environments.

While the term "biotope" in the more narrow sense usually refers to an area characterized by environmental conditions (geology, climate, land use / development), the project aims to widen this perspective by looking at a broader scope of factors relevant for the co-existence of different species within an area — including a. o. non-human and human influences and relationships, social, economical and political conditions, communication infrastructures etc. Moreover, our interest is strongly drawn not only to processes of urban development under the provisions of gentrification, but to remaining and / or reclaimed spaces, waste lands and other "heterotopias".

Using, testing and developing a whole range of methods and techniques (scientific, artistic, on-site, media based, performative etc), rather than being limited to the mapping, description and documentation of urban biotopes, or aspects of these, the project is conceived as a laboratory, asking for urban biotopes as possible sites for community based research, learning /education / skill sharing / knowledge transfer, cultural memory and sustainable development.

In addition to the theoretical studies and research, praxis-oriented research, workshops and seminars so far took place in Frankfurt am Main (since 2007, ongoing), Kiel (2009, 2010) and Berlin (2009, 2010).

Since spring 2010, the local focus project Biotope City Frankfurt (Biotop Stadt Frankfurt) at Goethe University Frankfurt is fostered by interdisciplinary research and teaching in cooperation with the Dept. for Didactics of Biosciences (Didaktik der Biowissenschaften), Prof. Dr. Paul W. Dierkes.
For more info pls see the related project info and course description on Biotop Stadt Frankfurt (Interdisciplinary project seminars, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt) at visuelle-kultur.info.
A more comprehensive project documentation of Biotop Stadt Frankfurt | Biotope City Frankfurt (including galleries and other materials) can be found on our interdisciplinary project platform www.ArtSciEd.net.

Since early summer 2010, another research cooperation has been established in the framework of the EU project Time Inventor's Kabinet (Brussels, Bratislava, Graz a.o.). In this context, together with research on Urban Biotopes and/as Open Greens also a COG Connected Open Greens node will be built in Frankfurt.
For more info see the special pages on COG Frankfurt (soon).

For an overview over all related project activities, events, lectures and publications pls. return to the main construction site: Urban Biotopes | Urbane Biotope

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