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with Stephanie Müller & Klaus E. Dietl
THE FABRIC, Maximiliansforum München, June 15-17, 2012


projects: Critical Crafting Circle, D.I.Y. CULTURES, how2:how2, SoftWareZ, TOYS AND/AS TOOLS

mainprojects: D.I.Y. CULTURES, SoftWareZ

tags: aesthetics, agency, art & society, bricolage, communication, craftivism, creativity, diy, do it yourself, do it yourself cultures, economy, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, handmade, image & imagination, knitting, material, material culture, media, memory, modelling, models, needlework, objects & things, participation, perception, performance, prosumer, prosumer culture, representation, senses, subject & authorship, technology, textiles, things, tools, toys & tools, visualisation



Exploring Visual Cultures of Urban Spaces
Project | Project Seminar


projects: [IN]VISIBILIA, (IN)VISIBLE GARDENS, (IN)VISIBLE CITY, Urban Biotopes : Biotope City, Urban Hauntologies, Urban Playgrounds

main project: (IN)VISIBLE CITY

related project on www.visuelle-kultur.info: WALK & WATCH : GO & SEE

tags: architecture, art & public, art & society, audio, city, city walks, communication, cultural history, displays, ecology, economy, environment, everyday cultures, geography, green, image & imagination, (in)visibility, invisibility, knowledge, material culture, media, memory, mobility, nature, participation, perception, performance, playgrounds, popular culture, public relation, public space, representation, seeing, senses, sociology, sound, space, spaces & places, time, topography, topologies, urban cultures, urban landscapes, urban planning, urban research, vision, visual culture, visuality, walking



Mobile Communication and Education


projects: Bad Frankfurt, how2:how2, (IN)VISIBLE GARDENS, (IN)VISIBLE CITY, KIOSK, MICROCLIMATE MAPPING, TIME BENDING CLOCK, TOYS AND/AS TOOLS, Urban Biotopes : Biotope City, Urban Hauntologies, Urban Playgrounds, WEGEN : WALLANLAGEN


related projects on www.visuelle-kultur.info: Biotope City Frankfurt, Into the Greens, KIOSK Art Communication, WALK & WATCH : GO & SEE

tags: aesthetics, agency, architecture, art & public, art & society, audio, biology, city, city walks, communication, cultural history, displays, ecology, education, environment, everyday cultures, geography, green, image & imagination, invisibility, mapping, mobility, nature, participation, perception, performance, place, playgrounds, representation, seeing, senses, sociology, space, spaces & places, time, tools, topographies, urban cultures, urban landscapes, urban research, visual culture, walking


Cyborg Configurations

Concepts, Imaginations and Constructions – Utopias and Realities of Cybernetic Organisms

project: Cyborg Configurations

main project: TechnoNatureCultures

tags: agency, analogital, anthropology, art & media, art & science, biosciences, bodies, cognition, cultural history, design, digital culture, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, gadgets, geek, gender, history of science, image & imagination, informatics, inventing & inventions, (in)visibility, knowledge cultures, material, material culture, media cultures, models, nature, net cultures, network cultures, neurosciences, popular culture, representation, science fiction, senses, sociology, technology, tools, utopias, visual culture



Aesthetics and Politics of (In)Visibility – Imagination, Representation, Impact


project: [IN]VISIBILIA

related projects on www.under-construction.cc: Digital Dust Diaries, (IN)VISIBLE ARCHIVES, (IN)VISIBLE CITY

related project on www.visuelle-kultur.info: KIOSK Art Communication

tags: alchemy, artists' myths, authorship, esoteric traditions, esotericism, history of science, image & imagination, image of the artist, imagination, (in)visibility, magic, mimesis, mimicry, occult traditions, occultation, optics, perception, representation, science, secret societies, senses, sound, visual culture, visual literacy, visuality


Plant Communication

Projections and Perspectives at the Intersections of Science, Culture and Art from the Early Modern Period to Present

project: Plant Communication

main project: TechnoNatureCultures

related projects on www.under-construction.cc: DIY SCI, (IN)VISIBLE GARDENS, Mediologies, TIME BENDING CLOCK

tags: aesthetics, agency, analogital, anthropology, art & media, art & occult traditions, art & science, art history, audio, biology, biosciences, bodies, chemistry, communication, cultural history, design, digital culture, displays, diy, diy sci, do it yourself, do it yourself cultures, ecology, environment, esoteric traditions, esotericism, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, film, gardens & gardening, geek, green, hacks, history of science, image & imagination, informatics, instruments, inventing & inventions, invisibility, knowledge cultures, laboratory culture, magic, material culture, media archaeology, media cultures, models, nature, net cultures, network cultures, perception, performance, photography, physics, popular culture, radio, radio art, romanticism, science fiction, senses, sound, sound art, technology, time, tools, umwelt, utopias, visual culture


Hybrid Images

Ambiguities and Reversibilities at the Intersections of Aisthesis and Mediality

project: Hybrid Images

main project: MEDIOLOGIES

related projects on www.under-construction.cc: DATA & DISPLAYS, Images and/as User Interfaces, (IN)VISIBLE ARCHIVES, Mediologies

tags: aesthetics, analogital, art & media, art & science, art history, cognition, communication, design, digital culture, displays, image & imagination, (in)visibility, invisibility, knowledge cultures, models, perception, representation, senses, technology, visual culture, visualisation



Imaginations and Productions of Relations between Nature(s), Culture(s) and Technologies

project: TechnoNatureCultures

tags: aesthetics, agency, analogital, anthropology, art & economy, art & media, art & science, art & society, biodiversity, biology, biosciences, bodies, commons, cultural history, design, digital culture, ecology, economy, environment, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, gender, green, history of science, image & imagination, informatics, institutions, (in)visibility, knowledge cultures, laboratory culture, material, material culture, media archaeology, media cultures, mimesis, mimicry, models, natural sciences, nature, net cultures, network cultures, neurosciences, objects & things, representation, senses, sociology, sustainability, technology, tools, topologies, utopias, visual culture

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