Do It Yourself!

Home Made and Craft – Everyday Cultures and Art – Tradition and Trend
course (Fachwissenschaftliches Seminar)

The course description is so far available in German only.
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Summer 2008
Do it Yourself!
Heimwerken und Handarbeit – Alltagskultur und Kunst, Tradition und Trend
S (2 SWS) — Thu 4-6 p.m. — Room: 206
FW I / FW II / L2-KU-M4 / L5-KU-M4 / L3-KU-M5 / L3-KU-M6 / L3-KU-M9 (3 CP)

project: Sustainability

related projects: DIY-exhibition, DIY Cultures, MicroPublications, Recycling Invention

tags: art, art & media, cultural history, design, diy, do it yourself, material culture, media, popular culture, protest cultures, visual culture