Interdisciplinary Conference & Workshop Summit

This year’s interfiction summit for art, media and network cultures invites with lectures, presentations and workshop-sessions to take a closer look at *TOPIA(S): new and old, fantastic, concrete and real utopias and dystopias, socio- and ecotopias, bio- and technotopias. How can we use media not only as displays, but also as tools for conceiving *TOPIA(S) – and for making them become real(ity)?

Join us from Nov 17 to 19, 2017 at the interfiction conference & workshop-summit *TOPIA in Kassel in the framework of the 34nd Kassel Documentary and Video festival.

More info and application: See the announcement at the institute.

interfiction XXIV/2017
Interdiciplinary Conference & Workshop Summit for Art, Media and Network Cultures
34. Kassel Documentary Film- and Video Festival
Kassel, November 17-19, 2017, KulturBahnhof, Offener Kanal

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