AG Bee Hive

Project Workgroup

Over the winter term 2010/2011 the Bee Hive seminar is continued as a workgroup. We'll review the Bee Hive project (thanks to the funding by Crespo Foundation also another supervision and project management block seminar will be offered) and work on a documentation/publication, the Bee Hive Book.

Winter 2010 – Spring 2011
Interdisciplinary Project Seminar – Work Group
Art, Visual Culture & Biology
together with Andreas Exner
and Guest Lecturers

project: Bee Hive

related projects: Biotope City Frankfurt, kiosk, MicroPublications, Sustainability

tags: art, art & media, art & science, art history, bees, biodiversity, biology, biosciences, cultural education, cultural history, ecology, entomology, history of science, insects, perception, space, sustainability, urban cultures, visual culture