Summer 2018

The course description is so far available in German only.
Thank you for your kind understanding.

The seminar is part of the course programme of the project "Formats of Photography" – find further information about the project at FORMATE DER FOTOGRAFIE (as well so far in German only).

Summer 2018
S (2 SWS) — Tue 12-14 — Room: 206 and on-site*
FW I / FW II / L2-KU-M4 / L5-KU-M4 / L3-KU-M5 / L3-KU-M6 / L3-KU-M9 (3 CPs)
BA/NF KMKB M6 (3 CPs) | MA KMKB MA KMKB M1 (5 CPs) | | MA KMKB M3ab (S FW: 3+3 CPs) | MA KMKB M6ab (S FW: 3+3 CPs) | MA KMKB M7 (3 CPs + MP: 3CPs)
MA Master Curatorial Studies | MA Master Ästhetik
Andere Studiengänge: Freier Wahlbereich n. Absprache (siehe LSF)
* includes on-site visits.

project: Formats of Photography

tags: aesthetics, analogital, art & media, biodiversity, biosciences, displays, ecology, film, gardens & gardening, green, image & imagination, invisibility, material culture, natural history, nature, photography, representation, spaces & places, time, topography, topologies, urban landscapes, visual culture