Typecasting Around 1900

Friday, Feb 18th & Sat, Feb 19th, 2011

For more information about the concept and the programme pls. see the German version of this entry.

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Visual Humanities
Typisierungen des Menschen um 1900 (Typcasting Around 1900)
Organized by: Prof. Dr. Susanne Komfort-Hein, Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni & Prof. Dr. Susanne Scholz
FHG research field 3: Cultures of Knowledge
Goethe-University Frankfurt
Campus Westend,1.414
Friday, Feb 18th & Sat, Feb 19th, 2011

project: Typecasting

tags: anthropology, archives, art, art & media, art & science, biology, biosciences, cultural history, cultural studies, displays, film, gender, gender studies, history of science, image & imagination, (in)visibility, invisibility, knowledge, knowledge cultures, media, media history, photography, representation, science, typology, visibility, visual culture