Winter Term Final Exhibition 2018/2019

In the framework of our institutes Winter Term Final Exhibition 2018/2019, the project [DIA] is taking stock with two memorial rooms for which we have compiled a selection of artistic projects as well as devotionalia to remember and to celebrate the lost format and the culture of slide projection.

Both memorial rooms are open during the exhibition:
07.02.2019 – 18-22 Uhr
08./09.02.2019 – 12-20 Uhr

For further information pls. see the German version of this entry.

Ann-Cathrin Agethen, Nina Boerckel, Louise Demmler, Kerstin Gottschalk, Florian Härle, Verena Kuni, Lina Pfeffer, Doris Reichert, Christina Zück

project leaders:
Prof. Kerstin Gottschalk (Malerei-Grafik), Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni (Visuelle Kultur)
and Christina Zück (Malerei-Grafik)
in cooperation with Doris Reichert (Bildstelle Kunstgeschichtliches Institut)

Special thanks to the Institute of Art History and very special thanks to Prof. Dr. Adelheid Sievert!

projects: DIA, Formats of Photography

tags: aesthetics, analogital, archives, art & media, art education, digital culture, displays, everyday technologies, image & imagination, instruments, invisibility, material culture, media archaeology, memory, photography, representation, stories & histories, technology, tools, visual culture