Studio Talk: Christina Zück

Studio Talk

Christina Zück is an artist, photographer and writer. Since 2018, she is also teaching and researching at our institute.

The studio talk is organized together with the study focus Painting-Graphics/Prof. Kerstin Gottschalk.

In the afternoon before the lecture-talk we'll have a joint workshop-session with focus on our semester project DIA.
The workshop is open to the students interested in participating in the project.
The lecture-talk is open to the general public.

Summer 2018
Studio Talk: Christina Zück
Tuesday April 24, 2018 – 6 pm
Room 204

projects: DIA, Formats of Photography

tags: aesthetics, agency, analogital, archives, art & media, art & public, art & science, art & society, communication, cultural history, curating, digital culture, displays, everyday cultures, everyday technologies, exhibitions, image & imagination, invisibility, knowledge cultures, material culture, media cultures, net cultures, network cultures, objects & things, perception, photography, representation, technology, tools, visual culture